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Sports Association for Hethersett

Hethersett is to get its own sports association to help promote recreation in the village.

Village resident Peter Steward has been appointed village sports co-ordinator on behalf of Active Norfolk with the remit of organising a team to take part in the 2011 Norfolk Village Games and promoting sport and recreation in the village.

Hethersett Sports Association (HSA) will feature representatives of all sports currently played in the village along with other key village people with an interest in sport and recreation. Its aims will be threefold.

To organise people to take part in as many sports as possible in the June 2011 South Norfolk Village Games.

To enhance and promote sport of all kinds in the village and encourage as many people as possible to take an active part

To lobby for improved facilities.

Hethersett Sports Association will be working closely with other village groups including Hethersett Parish Council, Hethersett Olympic Committee, Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Committee and Active Norfolk.

"I am currently contacting individuals and various sports clubs to join the association. Working together we can have a much louder voice in promoting sport, recreation and fitness in the village. I am hoping that being a part of the association will also be beneficial to individual sports clubs," Peter Steward said.

A number of sports clubs within the village have already agreed to be part of Hethersett Sports Association.

"I would love to hear from anybody or any group who wants to join us," Peter Steward added.

He can be contacted on 01603 811052 or by e-mail by clicking here.

A section of this web site has been set aside for the new association and this can be accessed by clicking here.