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Minutes of Meeting at Park Farm Hotel, Hethersett 7.30 pm Monday November 28th, 2011


Apologies were received from Colin McDermott, Ian Fieldhouse, Tony Smith, Jimmy Dakin, Alex McDowell, Tony Dunton and David Bills. 

Round Table Introductions 

There were 12 present – Peter Steward (chair), Shane Hull (treasurer), Mel Perkins, Fiona Whiting, Ron Butcher, Mark Heazle, Leslie Dale, Martin Anderton, Peter Holt, Gary Wyatt, Jo Marchant, Steve Walker. All introduced themselves individually. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting 

These had been circulated and were taken as read. 

Treasurer’s Report 

Shane reported that a bank account has been opened and currently contains £105. Additional cheques and cash were handed over during the meeting. 

Appointment of New Secretary 

Jo Adcock has resigned as secretary due to pressure of work. There were no volunteers to fill the post at present. Peter Holt volunteered to take minutes of the meeting. 

Hethersett and the Meltons – The Success Story So Far 

Over an hour was spent highlighting and discussing sporting success so far this year. This included 

Hethersett and Tas Valley Cricket Club obtaining the ECB Clubmark award
Promotion for Great Melton Cricket Club to Norfolk Alliance Division Two.
Hethersett Olympic Weekend proving another major success for the villages (the meeting also looked forward to the 2012 Open Weekend when a full programme of events will take place including the Round the Houses funrun, Sport in the Park, Ladies Five-a-side and Sport in the Park Day).
The impending visit of the London 2012 Olympic Torch with Hethersett being singled out for a special visit due to its support over the past two years for the Olympic Games
The visit of the 1948 London Olympic Torch earlier in the year.
British Championship cycle speedway hosted on the Memorial Field by Hethersett Hawks and details of coming test matches between Great Britain and Poland. Also club reported a 100% increase in membership.
A report on Pledge to Fitness 2012 with the Pledge Pod coming to Woodside School in January.
A report on the first meeting of the newly formed Hethersett Open Spaces Group.
A report by Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust on improvements to the Memorial including new play equipment for younger children.
Hethersett’s success in winning the South Norfolk Village Games
Hethersett’s success in coming runners-up in the Norfolk County Village Games Final
Dates for the South Norfolk and County Village Games Finals in 2012
Date for the Come and Try in Sports Evening in May 2012.
Reaching the finals of the Active Norfolk EDP Sports Village of the Year competition.
Hethersett 30/60 Cycle Event due to be held in March 2012. Publicity being undertaken through flyers and the Media
The Memorial Playing Field Bowls Club’s promotion in the City League.

Discussion on Existing Facilities and Wish List for the Future 

As relatively few sports clubs were represented discussion on this matter was curtailed and will be re-introduced at future meetings. 

Hethersett Parish Council Drop In Event 

Those present were urged to attend the Parish Council’s drop in event on December 3rd to support improved sport and leisure facilities for the village if the proposed new development goes ahead. 

Web Site 

It was agreed that a dedicated web site for the association is not necessary and we should continue to use the existing Hethersett Village site which is maintained by the association’s chairman. 

Attracting New Members 

It was agreed that the association should widen its net to include local businesses. Members were also asked to encourage people to attend meetings in the future. It was also agreed to try and improve the representation from the Meltons. 

Any Other Business 

Alex Bond has replaced Laura Avenal as our contact within Active Norfolk.
Promotion of clubs through a quarterly newsletter was discussed
Thanks were expressed to Richard Bond and Park Farm for the use of their facilities
Possibility of a clubs and societies event during 2012.
Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury newspaper to change to Wymondham and Hethersett Mercury which should give us more opportunity for press coverage.
Chairman to launch a recruitment campaign and collect subscription fees.

Date and Venue of Next Meeting 

To be set but likely to be in February 2012.


7.30pm MONDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 2011


Mel Perkins Shane Hull Oliver Armstrong John Burdett Steve Walker
Alex McDowall Jimmy Dakin Colin McDermott Leslie Dale Gary Wyatt
Sue Buffin Nick Tarrant Tony Smith Laura Avenal Ron Butcher
Tim Hudson-Church David Bills Fiona Whiting Joe Edwards Peter Holt
Nick Kingsley Peter Steward Jo Adcock

Peter Steward welcomed everyone to the meeting, and everyone introduced themselves, and said which sport they were representing.

The aim of the meeting is to get all involved in sport and fitness in Hethersett and the Meltons working together to improve facilities.

The main aims of the association should incorporate the following:

To promote sport and fitness in Hethersett and The Meltons
To bring greater awareness of sporting and leisure facilities and achievements
To assess existing clubs and facilities
To draw up a list of clubs, facilities and contacts
To encourage local people to join clubs and take regular exercise
To oversee an entry into the South Norfolk games
To consider available grants to further enhance the standing of the association.

Working together we can achieve some or all of the above by: 

Producing a sporting directory (possibly on the internet) – including featuring clubs looking for additional members
Meeting three or four times a year to discuss matters of mutual benefit
Ensuring that we all work together for the common good of sport and fitness.
Lobbying for improved facilities where needed
Working together with local organisations and charities to enhance the standing and awareness of the benefits of sport and exercise.
Learn from each other’s experiences.


The way to promote which sports are available in our villages is to make use of notice boards around the Villages, schools, and facebook for the younger people of the villages, by advertising what clubs are in the area and how to join them. 

There is no floodlit pitch in Hethersett currently, which means that training has to take place elsewhere, where there are the facilities needed. There is a piece of land at the back of the Social Club that could be turned into an all weather 3G floodlight pitch, and also the tennis courts at the back of the Village hall are not used and are in need of repair, this space could also be used, this could be costly, all sports clubs in the village would need to support this. 

The biggest issue around building a new facility would be the cost. 

The Memorial Playing Field is a vast piece of land in the middle of Hethersett, which needs to be used throughout the year for all sports, parking is an issue though, and a sporting legacy has been started by the Olympic Committee (sport in the park), this could continue after the Olympics and be used more throughout the year.  

Active Norfolk have a coaching bursary available it is a 2 day course, 15 hrs work a week, and an equipment loan scheme.  

Composition of the Association 

Its constitution – do we need a chair, secretary, treasurer....

Mel Perkins, Shane Hull, Gary Wyatt and Peter Steward, will meet up to discuss this. 

Peter had received a donation of £100 for the association,

This could be used to publish a sporting handbook, for all sports clubs involved. 

May 23rd Active Norfolk come and try Archery, Rounders, Tennis and the Watt Bikes, 6-9pm at Hethersett High School


The Games

The Village games are being held on Sunday 12th June, at Framingham Earl High School. 

The village wants representatives from the following sports to send, and represent the village:- 

Archery – 4 Adults & 2 Juniors

Badminton – 2 teams from the village, (Peter Hoult)

Short Mat Bowls – 2 Teams, memorial club & Social Club

5 aside football – Junior 11-14, and Adult Team, (no ladies)

Darts – single entries 4 per village, (social club has 2 teams)

Table Tennis – Junior from Social Club

Rounders -   Team from come and try

Archery – Team from come and try

Tennis – Liaise with David Weeds

Watt Bike – Cycle Speedway

Netball – High School

1 mile race – open to all

4x100 relay open to all ages, teams of 4



Promote the Active Norfolk taster day at the high school,

All to email Peter, their list of events and what’s on


Date and venue of next meeting

Hethersett Social Club, Queen’s Road Hethersett, May 9th 2011 at 7.30pm