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Support from Neighbourhood Board

The Northern River Valleys Neighbourhood Board met in Hethersett Methodist Church Hall on July 9th, 2012, and gave its support to a number of initiatives that will have an impact on Hethersett.

A document entitled "Your Neighbourhood - Your Choice" was adopted with the following four aims:


  1. To provide increased access to job opportunities that will result in fewer people in poverty and being welfare dependent, provide more life opportunity to young people and reduce the social problems associated with worklessness.

  2. To provide increased services that allow vulnerable residents, especially the elderly, to maintain their quality of life and remain living in their community, thereby reducing the burden on residential care, medical and social services.

  3. To provide increased access to sport and physical activity, resulting in a reduction in the instances of obesity and other problems associated with a lack of exercise.

  4. To improve the safety of our roads.

Your Neighbourhood Your Choice aims to support communities to help themselves by bringing volunteers and partner organisations together to deliver enhanced services and build opportunities.

As well as the priorities outlined above the Board has backed a social action project to organise two waste electrical and electronic equipment re-cycle events. The aims were drawn up following consultation with communities and individuals.

A total of 74,000 is being committed to the first aim which will include providing additional resources for job clubs, working with Hethersett High School, Hethersett Old Hall School and local businesses to help align the needs of current and future job opportunities, with the training and education provided, and recruiting mentors from local businesses to provide advice and support to young people.

This will also include working with local parish and community youth groups including Hethersett Jubilee Youth Club and the package will be launched in August.

A total of 35,500 has been put aside for aim 2 which will feature a number of schemes including raising awareness of available benefits and services, reducing fear of crime and anti-social behaviour amongst vulnerable residents, promoting community car and car share schemes and resolving community tension issues.

A total of 9,500 has been put aside for aim 3 which will improve the quality of sports coaching, improve participation in sport and physical activity, increase the number of young people tackling part in healthy activities. This phase will include working in partnership with organisations such as the Hethersett and Meltons Sports Association.

A separate article on this area is available by visiting the Hethersett and Meltons Sports Association section of this web site by clicking here.

A total of 3,200 will be committed to aim 4 which will aim to improve road safety by reducing speed on rural roads and reducing injuries from speed related accidents. Action will include loaning parishes a speed awareness machine and providing data from the machine to the police to ensure greater targeting of speeding hot spots.

The Social Action Project will see a number of bring and take electrical events aimed at encouraging people to exchange, reuse and recycle unwanted electrical goods. The nearest event to Hethersett will be at Ketts Park, Wymondham, on August 30th.

The meeting also received inputs from Norfolk Constabulary who urged residents to use the online Police Direct Service which gives details of crimes in local neighbourhoods. You can access this by clicking here. PC Glen Hambling reminded those present that the telephone number 101 can be used to contact police for non emergency matters.

The meeting expressed continued concern over the use of Hethersett Parish Pit as "a race track for motorbikes." The meeting was told that police and landowners were working together to come up with an action plan to prevent the nuisance this causes to local residents.

For more details on the Neighbourhood Board click here. To view the full Your Neighbourhood Your Choice Document click here.