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News in Brief - November 2008

Science Evening

Hethersett High School and Science College will be holding its eighth public science evening when food will be put under the microscope. 

The evening will include practical demonstrations and talks and will take place from 6.30 to 9 p.m on 26th November. 

It is designed to be an evening of investigation with tours of the kitchen and science lab facilities and refreshments also being included. 

Guest speakers from 7 p.m will be Kevin Stickney, Pig Product Manager for Harbro Ltd, who will talk on “Your Food’s Food” and Stephen Brown from British Sugar who will talk on “Sugar Beet: From Field to Production.” 

Members of the public will also have the chance to try their hand at making butter. Places can be booked by contacting the school’s community manager Nancy Elliott on Norwich 810924 or by e-mail on

Hethersett Society

Hethersett Society heard the delightful story of the Warrens of Breckland from Ann Mason. She explained that rabbits were introduced to Breckland by the Normans in the 12th century. By the 18th century warrens ran for miles with rabbit being the favourite dish of the king.

Song Time

A pre-Christmas concert of festive music is being held by Hethersett Singers in St Remigius Church on 13th December. 

The singers have been rehearsing for the evening since September and this year have a number of new members. 

The evening will include choruses from Handel’s Messiah and music by John Rutter. Tickets are available on Norwich 810194.

Christian Aid Result

This year’s Christian Aid Week collection in Hethersett raised £2,434.60 with the final amount being increased to just over £2,700 through Gift Aid. 

“It is an excellent result and we are very grateful to everybody who took part. The collection took place around the time of the cyclone in Burma which took over 50,000 lives and the Chinese Earthquake that claimed almost 70,000 lives and both these disasters act as a reminder of the vital work that agencies like Christian Aid carry out,” said Hethersett Methodist Minister the Rev Derek Grimshaw. 

He also appealed for more help: “To work effectively we need a lot more collectors to ensure that all homes in the village are covered. I would like to think that in 2009 we can raise over £3,000 to help those who are in the greatest need in the world,” he added.

Coffee Morning

A coffee morning held at the home of Fred and Margaret Morrad in Norwich Road raised £275 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Flowery Event

A flower demonstration of Christmas Memories is being held in Hethersett Village Hall on Wednesday 10th December in aid of the coming St Remigius Church flower festival. 

The demonstration will be by Adele Kent and tickets are priced at £6 to include a glass of wine and nibbles. They will be available from 17th November on Norwich 811945 or 811731. Doors will be open at 6.45 for a 7.30 p.m start.

Hoticultural Society

Mr Terry Rands of Watton talked to Hethersett & District Horticultural Society about composting and care of the soil. 

Terry told about the nice brown crumbly compost which members drooled over and then paid great attention to his various chemical-free methods of producing it.  From a turf sided clamp, through chicken-net sided containers and on tothe plastic compost bins it would seem that Terry’s magic hands could create the good growing medium time after time.  Materials composted could include wool, cotton, shredded paper, as well as the usual weeds, leaves and grass cuttings. A good mix would give better results he said.  One “no-no” was meat waste which would attract vermin.  Compost could also take a liquid form and we were told how to convert comfrey or nettles into our own-made ‘liquinure’. 

The club meeting on Wednesday 19th November takes the form of a slide show by Peter & Rosemary Salt entitled “The Story of Wymondham” and on Wednesday 10th December Ben Potterton, of Blacksmith’s Cottage Nursery, Langmere, will give a talk entitled “Winter Wonderland”.  

The club meets at the Methodist Church Hall in Great Melton Road at 7.30pm.  Annual membership is £8 and visitors are welcome and pay just £1 per meeting; refreshments are included.