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Hethersett and Tas Valley Cricket Club

Club Records

Norfolk League First X1

Highest Score 376-7 v Hingham - 22nd August 1998
Lowest Score 21 all out v Tacolneston - 1st September 2001
Best Individual Score 194 - Matt Ellis v Holt 5th August 2000
Best Bowling 8-6 Matt Ellis v Haddiscoe 18th May 2000
Most Catches in an Innings 4 - Andrew Swann v Brisley 26th June 2001
4 - James Curson v Rackheath 9th June 2001
4 - R, Garavan v Overstrand A 4th May 2002
Most Runs in a Season 849 Matt Ellis 1999
Most Wickets in a Season 40 Matt Ellis 2003
Most Catches in a Season 19 Dean Parfitt 2003

Best Batting Partnerships

1st     Richard Ellis and Matt Ellis v Holt - 5th August 2000                                                              266

2nd   Richard Ellis and Matt Ellis v Rocklands - 28th June 2003                                                       183
3rd    Matt Ellis and Tim Shelley v Beccles -  5th July 2008                                                                281
4th     Richard Ellis and Jonathan Swann v Tacolneston - 11th July 1998                                         116
5th     Richard Ellis and Matt Steward v Hardingham - 8th July 2006                                              111
6th     Tristan Hunt and Danny Spanton v Kirkley Sports - 5th June 2004                                         88
7th     Matt Steward and John Curtis v Hales - 13th May 2006                                                           117
8th     Jimmy Adamson and Tim Shelley v Caister - 13th May 2004                                                   61
9th     Matt Ellis and G. Routledge v Holt - 18th July 1998                                                                   47
10th   John Morland and J. Buller v Civil Service - 23rd June 2001                                                     43

Norfolk League Second XI

Highest Score 306-5 v Diss B - 4th August 2007
Lowest Score 25 all out v Diss B - 22nd June, 2002
Best Individual Score 117* - A. Pulsford v North Elmham A - 1st July 2000
Best Bowling

7-21 S. Abbas v Watton A - 12th July 2003

7-21 Chris Smedmor v Happisburgh A 12th July 2003

Most catches in an Innings 4 - M. Smith v Old Catton A 29th April 2006
Most Runs in a Season 533 - Nick Burrett 2005
Best Batting Average (min 8 innings) 76.14 - Nick Burrett 2005
Most Wickets in a Season 33 - Chris Smedmor 2003
Best Bowling Average (min 15 wickets) 4.39 Andy Mack 2004
Most Catches in a Season 13 - Nick Burrett 2003

Best Batting Partnerships

1st     T. Elverson and Mile Kemp v Sprowston B - 7th July 2007                                                     103
2nd    Dean Parfitt and Anthony Wenham v Diss B 4th August 2007                                               170
3rd    Anthony Wenham and Tristan Hunt v N and C Wanderers 26th May 2007                         114
4th     Miles Kemp and Tim Couche v Hales A 15th July 2006                                                          105
5th     Anthony Wenham and Russell Cooper v Ketteringham Hall - 26th August 2006              118
6th     Dean Parfitt and Russell Cooper v Old Catton A - 21st July 2007                                           94
7th     Anthony Wenham and John Nash v Felthorpe - 10th June 2006                                               81
8th     C. Brooke and Andy Mack v Norwich Union A 12th May 2007                                               64
9th     Steven Beck and John Nash v Tacolneston 11th August 2007                                                  44
10th   D. Simons and S. Abbas v Rollesby A 31st July 1999                                                                 29

Norfolk League Third XI

Highest Score 276 all out v Norwich Union B - 14th July 2007
Lowest Score 23 all out v Happisburgh A 19th August 2006
Best Individual Score 93 - Brian Burrett v Norwich Union B - 7th August 2004
Best Bowling 6-18 John Nash v Old Buckenham B 15th May 2004
Most Catches in an Innings

3- R. G. Ellis v Hales Colts 5th June 2004

3- S. Barker v Lowestoft B 22nd July 2006

3- C. Brooke v Hales Colts 28th April 2007

3 - T. Street v Lowestoft B 18th August 2007

Most Runs in a Season 370 - B. Burrett 2004
Best Batting Average (min 8 innings) 74.00 B Burrett 2004
Most Wickets in a Season 30 - Danial Whitworth 2007
Best Bowling Average (min 15 wkts) 13.43 Daniel Whitworth 2007
Most Catches in a Season 10 - Sam Smith 2007

Best Batting Partnerships

1st   Tim Couche and Tim Bolderstone v Garboldisham B 24th July 2004                                      123
2nd  Miles Kemp and Mike Larkin v Hardingham A 8th July 2006                                                   95
3rd   John Nash and Brian Burrett v Norwich Union B 7th August 2004                                         137
4th   Brian Burrett and Richard Ellis senior v Old Buckenham B 15th May 2004                           118
5th   Brian Burrett and Geoff Chappell v Happisburgh A 11th June 2005                                         50
6th   Dale Clarke and Rchard Ellis senior v Great Melton C 4th August 2007                                  71
7th   Richard Ellis senior and Jack Smith v Great Melton C 2nd June 2007                                       59
8th   Jack Smith and Alex Reeder v Hardingham A 11th August 2007                                               55
9th   Simon Wishart and Sean Barker v Lowestoft B 22nd July 2006                                                  26
10th Alex Reeder and Alan Bolderstone v Ashmanaugh A 30th July 2005                                       34