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Hethersett Cricket Club - A History

An extensive history of cricket in Hethersett under the title "Merely Cricket" - A Brief History of Hethersett Cricket Club, Norfolk, was published in 1996.

It covered the period from 1860 to 1996 and was written jointly by A.J.R Harris and H.J.B Kerslake.

I am very grateful to Harold Kerslake for permission to feature a potted version of this history on this site. Cricket has always been dear to my heart and even in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century it seems to have a strangely calming effect. Apart from that I number myself as a very small part of the club's history having made up the numbers during a few seasons and also helping for a time to coach the youth team. Today my son Matt plays for the first team and seems to have caught the cricket bug off me.

Being quite an extensive document the history will take some time to transcribe, so please be patient and follow the links below as they become active.

Chapter 1: Introduction by A.J.R Harris

Chapter 2: Opening Overs by A.J.R. Harris

Chapter 3: Long Field by A.J. R. Harris

Chapter 4: Fifty Up by A.J.R. Harris

Chapter 5: Full Pitch by A.J.R. Harris

Chapter 6: The Follow On by A.J.R. Harris

Chapter 7: Hundred Up! by A.J.R. Harris

Chapter 8: Interval by A.J.R Harris

Chapter 9: Innings Resumed by H.J.B. Kerslake

Chapter 10: Not Out by H.J.B. Kerslake

Chapter 11: The Modern Era by P. Steward

Club Records