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All In A Day's Work for David


Being a gangster, a police officer, a film technician, a Boxing referee, a mercenary and even Father Christmas and Darth Maul from Star Wars is all in a day’s work for a Hethersett man. 

For after a distinguished career spanning almost 30 years in the Norfolk Fire Brigade, David Frost has now turned his attention to acting and he could be coming to a film or television screen near you shortly. 

When David retired from the Fire Service he had no intention of taking it easy, preferring to follow his love of acting by searching out work first as an extra and latterly as a more prominent member of film and television casts. 

David has a love of the limelight but could never have dreamt of the diverse roles he would be cast in. 

He has already played numerous roles including henchman One Ball Barry in “Malice in Wonderland,” a cameraman in the Matt Wildash film “Grip,” a police officer in “The Scouting Book for Boys,” a film technician in Stephen Poliakoff’s “1939” and most recently a photographer for a six part television drama provisionally entitled either “Fashion,” “Fashion Babylon” or “Material Girl” which is directed by Sarah O’Gorman and due to be screened in the autumn. 

David is also carving a niche out for himself in television with appearances in a commercial for Edinburgh Woollen Mill and a Maitre D in the BBC3 comedy “Fresh.” He has appeared as a Boxing referee in a bare knuckle fight video shot to promote the track “The General” by London rock band The Rifles. He is also a male model, undertaking photo shoots for the Norwich Evening News and a variety of other publications and has even dressed up as Santa for Christmas at Norwich Castle Mall and Darth Maul as part of his membership of the Norwich Star Wars Club. 

Standing at over 6ft 2in and with rugged good looks, it is easy to see why David is in demand and he is no stranger to publicity. As an assistant divisional officer and station commander for the fire service he often appeared before the television news cameras.   

“People asked me what I was going to do after retiring. I wanted to do something I would enjoy as a hobby or a career. I always enjoyed working with the Media for the fire service and so decided to become an extra for films and TV and joined an agency to help me achieve that,” he said. 

His acting career has already seen him appear on the same set as major artists like Sir Ben Kingsley and feature in films starring Christopher Lee, Bill Nighy and Julie Christie. "Malice in Wonderland" saw him work alongside Danny Dyer, Maggie Grace and Nathaniel Parker. It has just been shown and received good reviews from the Cannes Film Festival. David has no doubts about where he would like the future to take him. 

“Acting is certainly hard work and not as easy as it seems but I love it and would like to become a professional actor and be accepted as such. I feel I know my way round a film set and know the difference between a gaffer and a best boy.” 

One of David’s aims is to join the actors’ union Equity. That will mean a change of name as obviously they already have a David Frost on their books. 

“I have picked the stage name of David Norfolk. I am proud of where I come from and thought it would be nice to have this reflected in my acting name,” he added.   

So where does David’s acting bug come from? 

“I did a bit of acting many years ago when I was at college. I am also used to dressing up as Darth Maul in the Norwich Star Wars Club which is in its 10th year and I had a role in the fire service which involved giving presentations which is a bit like being on stage as you have to inject your personality and some life into things. 

“I get a tremendous buzz being on a television or film set and feel very privileged being around actors and actresses and working with people I have seen on television and in films.” 

One of David’s most intriguing roles is in the independent film “Terror Nation” which is set in and around modern Norfolk and Somerleyton in Suffolk. It is based on alleged incidents from the 1960s where chemicals were discharged into the air over Norwich to see what the fallout effects of biological warfare would be.

David is also one of a number of actors from the county who have self styled themselves the “Norfolk Rat Pack,"  the others being Johnny Lynch, Andy Callaghan, Mark Margason and Jimi James

“Getting parts is often a matter of word of mouth. We look after each other. It is quite usual to get a call at very short notice and you just have to take off,” he said. 

David is also writing a book about his life since retirement which he has tantalisingly entitled “Fishing on the Moon.” This features his positive spin on life and how his philosophies have led him into an exciting new high profile career.