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Dog Mess Problem

Dog fouling on Hethersett Memorial Playing Field is becoming a serious problem. 

Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust and Hethersett Athletic Football Club are becoming increasingly concerned at the levels of excrement that could pose a major problem to children’s health. 

Now the two groups have combined to make a public appeal to dog owners and walkers to clean up after their animals. 

“There exists a problem with some irresponsible dog walkers and owners and the situation has become so dire that we are having to appeal to dog owners to take this issue seriously. It is not fair that the football club has to check and clear the pitches each time they have a match or practice,” said Dr Elizabeth Meakings, chair of the Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust which oversees the running of the field. 

“This issue can compromise the health of about 100 children who use the facilities on a Saturday morning and also youngsters using the play areas on a regular basis. They are being put at serious risk as the faeces of dogs contain Toxocara eggs which can cause serious damage and even lead to blindness, especially to younger children. 

“This threat is preventable if dog owners and walkers clear up after their dogs immediately as fresh faeces are not infective. The danger is that the Toxocara eggs remain in the soil long after the faeces have disintegrated. The Hethersett Memorial Playing Field Trust has supplied ample doggie bins for safe disposal,” Dr Meakings added. 

Hethersett Athletic FC has also voiced its concern: 

“We have had many instances this season of the start of matches having to be delayed and games having to be stopped for dog mess to be cleared up. It is of particular concern that the ignorant behaviour of some dog owners should pose a health risk to many of our younger players who regularly train and play on the field,” said club chairman Peter Steward. 

“We are making an appeal for owners/walkers to clear up their dog mess as we do not wish to ban dog walking on Hethersett Memorial Playing Field as many playing fields and parks have done. We do not want to punish responsible dog owners because of those who chose to be irresponsible,” Dr Meakings said adding that there are substantial fines of up to £1,000 for people who do not clear up their pet’s mess.