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Singers Celebrate


Twenty one years ago a small group of Christians came together in Hethersett to sing Gospel Music informally. 

Now over two decades later the Hethersett Methodist Church Singing Fellowship regularly takes its talents on the road to share its music, along with readings and poetry written by its members. 

The group celebrated its coming of age with a summer music and tea afternoon at the church which was attended by over 70 people. It was one of four such afternoons held by the group each year, but this one had a special significance with a birthday cake and the presentation of a bouquet to founder member Leonie Pritchard. 

“We started as a very small group who just wanted to sing Gospel music together. The idea started to grow and 18 years ago we went to Hethersett Hall to sing to the residents. Suddenly we were sharing our enjoyment with others and adding readings and poetry to the songs and hymns, ”Leonie said. 

Today the group sings regularly at Hethersett Hall, Cromwell House Methodist Home for the Aged in Norwich, Carleton House care home at East Carleton. Sutherlands at Wymondham and the Torch Association for the Blind in Norwich. 

“It is very much a way of taking our faith out to other people. We got to a point where we felt this was the way to go and God’s hand was leading us. I am sure that is why we have kept going for 21 years. 

“It is still a great joy to be involved as we are all such good friends and we all care for each other. We just love doing it,” Leonie added.