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Hethersett Open Gardens 2011


Gardens big, gardens small, gardens bright and gardens beautiful were all on the menu at Hethersett’s latest open gardens Sunday. 

A total of 17 gardens throughout the village were opened to the public with proceeds of £850 being split between the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the United Norwich Kidney Patients Association. 

Many of those open were hardy annuals – being regularly featured in the event which has become part of Hethersett life, but which this year was held earlier than usual. 

Each garden participating was marked by a special scarecrow made by leading Hethersett environmentalist Dr Anne Edwards. 

For the first time two major developments for the elderly opened their doors. Woodcote sheltered housing scheme showed off its landscaped gardens which are tended regularly by both gardeners and residents and which have been developed since the scheme was built in 1986. Hethersett Hall in Norwich Road was also open for business with its views of the neighbouring countryside, a lake and St Remigius Parish Church. The hall has a new garden project with a water feature and a beehive containing 60,000 honey bees. 

Refreshments were available at many of the gardens which ranged in size and shape and from cottage style gardens to large lawned gardens, gardens designed for peace and quiet to historic gardens that have been established for over 100 years. Other gardens have been newly nurtured and there was one that even featured palms, bananas, bamboo tree ferns, puya, aloe, agave and date palms with the message “let your imagination take you to a tropical land in a small jungle setting within Hethersett.”

Gardens open were as follows:

Woodcote, Firs Road

Mr and Mrs Ewart - 16 Firs Road

Mr and Mrs Sutton - Mill Road

Mrs Siddell - New Road

Mr and Mrs Dale - New Road

Miss Ford - Lynch Green

Dr and Mrs Wilkinson - Wiffins Loke

Mr Tullett - Henstead Road

Dr Edwards - Queen's Road

Mr and Mrs Saunders - Haconsfield

Mr Morriss - Haconsfield

Mr and Mrs Arnall - Haconsfield

Mr Oakley - Exmouth Close

Hethersett Hall - Norwich Road

Mrs Boyce - Mill Road

Mr and Mrs Floyd - Cromwell Close

The Pines - Cedar Road