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Green Issues 2009 - The Response

The people of Hethersett have spoken out on green issues. 

Responses to a village survey have highlighted how individual homeowners have been reducing their carbon footprint and also provided a wish list of how local people feel green issues can be taken forward. 

During 2008, the Hethersett Green Village group, which works under the auspices of the parish council, introduced a number of initiatives including the distribution of free re-usable cloth bags, an information day and a plastic bag free event for businesses. 

The parish council distributed “green surveys” with its December newsletter and results are now being co-ordinated. 

Individual householders have taken a number of steps from introducing water butts to fitting energy saving light bulbs. Many have cut down on car use in the village, preferring to either walk or cycle. Others have started to take part in car sharing. 

Many residents feel that steps can be taken to further reduce the village’s carbon footprint. These include cycle racks in the village, the extension of a cycle path to Wymondham, encouraging children to walk to school wherever possible, switching off certain areas of street lighting at midnight and even the introduction of kerbside rubbish collections to save on fuel for householders using the Ketteringham waste disposal depot. 

There is still time to respond to the survey as the council and green group are keen to have as wide a cross section of views as possible.  Special green village collecting boxes for responses have been set-up in the library, the post office, Tescos and at the village hall. Responses can also be e-mailed.