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Hethersett Hawks Results - 2007

Under-16s are British Champions

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co triumphed at Leicester on 28th April to bring back the British Under-16 Cycle Speedway Club Championship to Hethersett.  

After easing through a semi-final to eliminate three Premier Clubs - Wednesfield, Sheffield and Norwich, the Hawks made the best of some good early fortune in the final to be level with home side Leicester at the interval.  

In the next four heats, Leicester failed to make an impression from the outside grid so Hethersett led by three points going into the final four races but it was their turn to start on the unfavoured outside grid.  In each of the next three races the team fought from the back and it was a particularly brave performance by Phil Adams who had a bad crash in the semi-final leaving him with severe facial and shoulder grazing and a wrecked machine.   

The work of his team-mates left captain Jazz Abbott needing just second place in the final heat but he had to do it the hard way with a brilliant pass under Sandwell's top rider Lee Smith to give Hethersett their third British team win.   

Scores: Semi-Final -- Sandwell 49, Hethersett 47, Wednesfield 42, Sheffield 32, Norwich 30. Hethersett scorers - J. Abbott 12 B. Collins 12 P. Adams 12 D. Chambers 9 H. Hamill 2. 

Final: Hethersett 45, Leicester 44, Sandwell 38, Hull 27. Hethersett scorers: J.Abbott 13, P.Adams 12, B.Collins 11, D.Chambers 9, H.Hamill did not ride.

In the photo above are (left to right) - Harley Hamill, Ben Collins, Mel Perkins (Manager), Daniel Chambers, Philip Adams, Jazz Abbott.


Posted 12th March, 2007

Hethersett Hawks/ Swinton and Co cycle speedway club opened their 2007 season with a win in defence of their South East Youth League title.   

Facing an Ipswich team who were very young but also enthusiastic, they were made to fight all the way, particularly after a 3-7 reverse in the first heat.  Ben Collins and Daniel Chambers were both unbeaten and Harley Hamill would have joined them had he not shed a chain in heat 10 while in the lead. Carly Grimes made a promising team debut. 

Hethersett 87 Ipswich 72 

Hethersett scorers - H.Hamill 20, P.Adams 18, D.Chambers 18, B.Collins 18, C.Grimes 7, J.Abbott jnr 6.   

                                                  *                             *                        *

Posted 19th March, 2007

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co cycle speedway team made a welcome return to South-East Division One but, in very wintry conditions, could not quite engineer an opening victory.  

With four first-team squad members unavailable it was always going to be tough but the inexperienced riders battled hard against Somersham to lead at the interval.  

The visitors got the upper hand midway through the second half but a 7-2 from Ben Collins and Jazz Abbott brought the Hawks within one point.  Simon Wilcox in his first match for over 15 years, shed a chain when well-placed in his first race, tried his hardest to support young Harley Hamill in heat 17 but the 7-3 achieved on the line was enough for Somersham.  Abbott and Dave Martin were superb for the Hawks, only dropping one point each. 

Result: Hethersett 85 Somersham 88 - Dave Martin 19, Jazz Abbott 18, Philip Adams 14, Ben Collins 14, Simon Wilcox 8, Harley Hamill 7, Tiffany Collins 3, Scott Grimes 2. 

This Sunday several Hawks riders are expected to compete in the first round of the South-East Grand Prix at Great.Blakenham (1 pm)  

Posted 2nd April 2007

Hethersett Hawks / Swinton and Co Cycle Speedway took on a strong Norwich side in a local derby for South-East Division One points.  Led by two former Hawks - Leigh Cossey and Nick Myhill - Norwich were too strong but the young Hawks gave a good team performance and Norwich were somewhat flattered by the scoreline after two 7-3s in the final two heats.  Ben Collins was the only heat winner for Hethersett in heat 9. 

Hethersett 74, Norwich 104: Hethersett -  D.Martin 13 D.Bennett 12 A.Bennett 12 J.Abbott 10 P.Adams 8 S.Wilcox 8 B.Collins 8 H.Hamill 3. 

The Hawks' Under-16 team did enough to preserve their unbeaten run in the South-East Youth League with Jazz Abbott and Philip Adams scoring maximum points. 

Hethersett 82 Norwich 78. Hethersett - P.Adams 20 J.Abbott 20 B.Collins 18 H.Hamill 11 S.Grimes 6 C.Grimes 5 C.Martin 2. 

There were some good Hethersett performances In the first regional round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth and Junior League at Kesgrave.  Most spectacular was Jazz Abbott's win in the U16 Final when he passed Lee Richardson on the line. Also impressive on the day were Oliver Forder-Wilcox who was third in the U8 event and Scott Grimes, 5th in the U12s.  Tiffany Collins took a heavy fall in her final and damaged ankle ligaments so will be sidelined for a few weeks. 

Ipswich 315, Kesgrave 138, Hethersett 81, Spixworth 43, Norwich 42, Colchester 31, Great Blakenham 21. 

Hethersett - Jazz Abbott 15, O.Forder-Wilcox 13, B.Collins 13, S.Grimes 12, C.Martin 8, T.Collins 8, Jaie Abbott 6, C.Grimes 6. 

This Sunday's scheduled Norfolk & Suffolk League match has been cancelled as Great Blakenham cannot raise a side. 

Posted 17th April

Hethersett Hawks/ Swinton and Co cycle speedway got their first South-East points of the campaign with a 98-81 win at Ipswich.  

Philip Adams and Adam Bennett put the visitors ahead with a 7-3 win in heat four, a score Dale Bennett and Simon Wilcox repeated two races later. Good teamwork ensured the Hawks did not lose a race until a 3-7 reverse in heat 16 and a 7-3 win for Dave Martin and Jazz Abbott in the final race rounded off a good win.   

In the Division Two match that followed, two very young sides had a close match. Ipswich started the better and built a small lead which the Hawks could never quite peg back. A 7-3 win from Harley Hamill and Ben Collins in the penultimate race gave the Hawks a chance of a draw in the final race but Daniel Chambers could not pass the home riders and the shared points gave Ipswich a win. 

Results: Ipswich 81, Hethersett 98. Hethersett scorers: D.Bennett 18, D.Martin 16, J.Abbott 14, A.Bennett 12, S.Wilcox 12, B.Collins 11, P.Adams 9, D.Chambers 6. 

Ipswich B 82, Hethersett B 78. Hethersett scorers: B.Collins 22, D.Chambers 19, H.Hamill 17, S.Grimes 8, T.Collins 5, C.Grimes 4, C.Martin 3 

This weekend Hethersett riders will be in action at Spixworth - on Saturday in the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League and on Sunday in the South-East Grand Prix.  

Posted 23rd April

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co cycle speedway took third place in the second Wosskow Brown British Youth and Junior League Regional Round at Spixworth.  

Best performances came from Oliver Forder-Wilcox (4th in Under-8s), Scott Grimes (4th in Under-12s), Daniel Chambers (2nd in Under-14s) and Jazz Abbott (2nd in Under-16s). 

Scores -- Ipswich 337, Kesgrave 126, Hethersett 92, Spixworth 51, Colchester 32, Norwich 24, Gt.Blakenham 16, East London 14. Hethersett scorers - D.Chambers 14, O.Forder-Wilcox 13, S.Grimes 13, H.Hamill 12, Jazz Abbott 12, B.Collins 9, Jaie Abbott 8, C.Grimes 6, C.Martin 5. 

Five Hethersett riders returned to Spixworth the following day for South-East Grand Prix action. Ben Collins was the only one to reach an A Final, finishing fourth in the Under-16s. Daniel Chambers, Carly Grimes and Callum Martin made it to B Finals and Jaie Abbott was in the C Final of their respective age groups. 

The first midweek action of the season saw 21 riders contest the Norfolk Grand Prix Round 1 at Hethersett. Jazz Abbott won the Under-16 event with Ben Collins second and Daniel Chambers 4th. David Adams returned to competitive racing with a third place in the Senior event while the best performance came from Scott Grimes who was second in the Under-13 novice event. 

This Saturday Hethersett travel to Leicester to contest the British Under-16 Club Championship while on Sunday the A and B teams travel to East London in the South-East Leagues.

Posted 30th April

It was down to earth the day after winning the British Under-16s championship as, despite having twice British Champion Phil Howells in the side, Hawks were well beaten at East London in the South-East League. They started well with a 6-4 win but only managed one more heat win. Howells won three races but no other Hethersett rider took the chequered flag against a very strong London outfit.  It was a similar story in the Division Two match although both Ben Collins and David Adams scored victories as did sub Jazz Abbott who was unbeaten in his three races. 

East London 103, Hethersett 75. Hethersett scorers - P. Howells 16, J. Abbott 13, A. Bennett 9, D. Martin 9, D. Chambers 8, D. Adams 7, D. Bennett 7 B. Collins 6 

East London B 85 Hethersett B 74. Hethersett scorers - B. Collins 17, D. Adams 13, D. Chambers 13, J. Abbott 12, H. Hamill 10, C. Grimes 5, S. Grimes 4. 

In the midweek Norfolk Uunder-13 Novice League at Spixworth, Hethersett only had three riders available and trailed in third place. Scott Grimes was impressive. 

Spixworth 53, Norwich 38, Hethersett 36. Hethersett scorers - S. Grimes 14, C. Grimes 12, Jaie Abbott 10.

Posted 7th May

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co cycle speedway riders continued their winning form with Daniel Chambers winning the Malcolm Flood Memorial Trophy at Eaton Park. After a late exclusion he missed out on an automatic final place but won a semi-final to get through and then led from start to finish in the final.   

His luck ran out the following day at Colchester when two unfinished races limited him to 6 points and only a C final place in the South-East Under-16 Grand Prix.  Ben Collins won the B Final in the Under-16 category at that event.   

In the Norfolk Grand Prix at Eaton Park, four Hethersett riders filled all the places in the A Final for the Under-16s with Jazz Abbott wining from Collins, Philip Adams and Chambers.  Scott Grimes continued his good form with a runners-up spot in the Under-13 Novice category. 

This Sunday the Hawks entertain League leaders Gt.Blakenham in South East Divisions 1 and 2 at 2 p.m.

Posted 14th May

Hethersett Hawks / Swinton and Co Cycle Speedway Club took all three places on the podium at the Carmichael’s Norfolk Under-16 Championship at Eaton Park.   

Despite making three bad starts, Jazz Abbott tackled the very wet track to pass his opponents and complete a 20-point maximum and become Norfolk Champion.   

Ben Collins lost the chance to take the title when he slipped at a vital time. Despite that, Ben took runners-up spot with Daniel Chambers finishing third.  Philip Adams and Harley Hamill also both qualified for the East Anglian Final while vastly improved Scott Grimes was unlucky to lose a race-off for the eighth and last place. 

On a very wet Sunday, Hawks played hosts to league leaders Great Blakenham in the South-East League.  The visitors have a very strong line-up but the Hawks put up a very brave fight and contested strongly in every heat before going down 102-74.  Dale Bennett was outstanding but the whole team can be proud of their performance, typified by a last bend win by Ben Collins in heat nine. 

In the Division 2 match that followed in torrential rain, Hawks were given a start of 24 points for Blakenham's use of restricted riders.  It looked like the Suffolk side were going to claw this back but a double substitution in heat 11 saw David Adams and Jazz Abbott restore a five point lead. Harley Hamill battled hard to split Blakenham riders in the penultimate heat to set up a last heat decider.  Again Adams and Abbott came up trumps sharing the points and ensuring victory.  Philip Adams rode consistently well. 

Hethersett 72, Great Blakenham 104. Hethersett scorers – D..Bennett 14, J,.Abbott 13, A..Bennett 12, D..Martin 11, B..Collins 7, S.Wilcox 6, D..Adams 5, D.Chambers 4. 

Hethersett B 54 (+24) = 78 Gt Blakenham B 75. Hethersett scorers -

P.Adams 12, D.Chambers 8, H.Hamill 8, B.Collins 7, D.Adams 7, J.Abbott 5, S.Grimes 3, C.Grimes 3, C.Martin 1.   

This Saturday Hawks juniors will be at Colchester in the British Youth and Junior League while on Sunday the Hawks entertain Ipswich in the Norfolk and Suffolk League (2 pm) 

The previous week Hawks’ Daniel Chambers won the Malcolm Flood Memorial Trophy at Eaton Park. After a late exclusion he missed out on an automatic final place but won a semi-final to get through and then led from start to finish in the final.   

His luck ran out the following day at Colchester when two unfinished races limited him to 6 points and only a C final place in the South-East Under-16 Grand Prix.  Ben Collins won the B Final in the Under-16 category at that event.   

In the Norfolk Grand Prix at Eaton Park, four Hethersett riders filled all the places in the A Final for the Under-16s with Jazz Abbott wining from Collins, Philip Adams and Chambers.  Scott Grimes continued his good form with a runners-up spot in the Under-13 Novice category.

Posted 21st May

Hethersett Hawks entertained Ipswich at the Memorial Playing Field on Sunday in theNorfolk and Suffolk League and won an enjoyable match 99-76. 

The visitors arrived with a depleted team and used the rider replacement rule to give the Hawks a competitive encounter. The top two riders from each side shared the honours, but it was the Hethersett middle order riders that had the edge on their opponents. 

Scores: Hethersett Hawks 99 ( Dale Bennett 19, David Martin 17+1, David Adams 13+3, Daniel Chambers 13+1, Ben Collins 12+1, Harley Hamill 11+2, Philip Adams11+1, Carly Grimes 3). Ipswich76 (Thomas Pike 18+2, Daniel Pike 18, Lauren Jacobs 15+1, Jordan Stant 11, Tony Stant 7+1,Lucas Trabold 7).

Posted 31st May

Hethersett Hawks gave a terrific team performance to win their South-Eastern Division One match at Somersham. Simon Wilcox was promoted to heat leader after late call offs and he won hsi first two races, teaming up with man of the match Dan Chambers for a 7-2 win in heat four that put the Hawks ahead.

From that point on solid teamwork retained and extended the lead. An exclusion for Phillip Adams followed by a clever home 7-3 in heat 13 reduced the gap to four again by Adams atoned with a 7-3 win with Jazz Abbott to make the match safe, bar errors, and a consolation home 7-3 in the final heat was too late.

Somersham 86, Hethersett 92 (D. Martin 16, J. Abbott 16, S. Wilcox 13, D. Chambers 13, D. Adams 12, P. Adams 11, B. Collins 10, C. Martin 1).

Posted 7th June

Hethersett Hawks/ Swinton and Co Cycle Speedway entertained league leaders Great Blakenham in a re-arranged Norfolk and Suffolk League match. 

The visitors were uncompromising in their tactics and the match was full of incident and Hawks came off worse as the youngsters in the team were no match for the Suffolk team.  David Adams, in particular, stood up well despite being knocked off by excessive force twice.  Phil Howells, fresh from his star role in England's win over Poland, was in good form with electric starts and amazing passes.

Hethersett 70 Gt Blakenham 105. Hethersett scores - P.Howells 17, D.Martin 12, J.Abbott 10, S.Wilcox 9, D.Adams 7, B.Collins 6, H.Hamil 5, D.Chambers 4. 

Dan Chambers finished third and Ben Collins fourth in the South-East Under-16 Grand Prix Round at Ipswich. 

This Sunday the Hawks have their biggest challenge of the season - a long trip to Bury, Lancashire, in the British Team Championship  

Posted 12th June

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co cycle speedway made the long journey to Lancashire for  the British Team Championship and were well beaten by a home side who clearly knew the best way round a tricky track.   

The Hawks put up a brave fight well led by their two senior riders Dave Martin (five second places) and Simon Wilcox (a terrific win from the outside grid in heat 13).  Hethersett often fought their way into good positions only to lose them by failing to negotiate the bends cleanly. They were not helped by two unfortunate exclusions for moving at the start of races.  

There were also heat wins from Dale Bennett, Jazz Abbott and a gritty David Adams.  The match was a good experience and the 108-69 score did not reflect the opposition the side put up. 

Hethersett scorers: D.Martin 15, S.Wilcox 11, D.Bennett 10, D.Adams 10, J.Abbott 9, A.Bennett 6, B.Collins 5, D.Chambers 3. 

The Hawks went to the top of the Norfolk Novice League with a convincing win at Eaton Park. There was an outstanding performance from Danny Woods on his team debut as he, along with Scott Grimes and Tiffany Collins, dropped just one point apiece. 

Hethersett 56, Norwich 47, Spixworth 36, Eaton 20. Hethersett scorers - D.Woods 15, T.Collins 15, S.Grimes 15, C.Grimes 11 

This Saturday the top youngsters from the region will be at Hethersett for the British Youth and Junior League Regional Round (1) and on Sunday the Hawks visit Somersham (11).  There is also League action at the Memorial Field next Wednesday (20th) against Eaton (7)  

Posted 19th June

A busy week of racing for Hethersett Hawks Swinton and Co was marred by a serious injury to popular 12-year-old Tiffany Collins. 

Making a rare first-team appearance at Somersham she had passed a senior opponent in style before slipping off on the last corner.  A visit to hospital has revealed a double fracture of the left leg just above the ankle and a need for an operation.  The whole club sends its best wishes for a full recovery.  

Tiffany's injury marred an otherwise enjoyable match in which a young Hawks side gave a good show before losing 101-77.  The only senior in the team, Dave Martin, notched two wins while there was good support from David Adams and Dan Chambers. Jazz Abbott had a mixed morning with a fine win from the back but two exclusions.   

Somersham 101, Hethersett 77. Hethersett scorers - Dave Martin 17, David Adams 13, Dan Chambers 12, Ben Collins 10, Jazz Abbott 9, Philip Adams 8, Harley Hamill 7, Tiffany Collins 1. 

Heavy rain threatened an abandonment of the British Youth and Junior League round at Hethersett but track staff pumped the water off to allow racing to continue in heavy conditions.  Hethersett riders featured well and were unlucky not to win at least one Grand Prix - Scott Grimes, Harley Hamill, Ben Collins and David Adams all narrowly losing in the "A" Finals of their age groups. 

Scores -Ipswich 251, Hethersett 137, Kesgrave 115, Colchester 36, Spixworth 25, Gt.Blakenham 15, Norwich 11. Hethersett scorers - Dan Chambers 15, Ben Collins 15, David Adams 14, Callum Martin 13, Scott Grimes 13, Oliver Forder-Wilcox 12, Harley Hamill 12, Tiffany Collins 11, Philip Adams 9, Danny Woods 7, Carly Grimes 6, Daniel Martin 5, Jaie Abbott 5. 

The Hawks' British Under-16 winning team showed their class at Spixworth by notching a full maximum 64 points to qualify for the East Anglian Under-16 Cup Final. 

Scores: Hethersett 64, Norwich 46, Spixworth 34. Hethersett scorere - Jazz Abbott 16, Ben Collins 16, Dan Chambers 16, Philip Adams 16. 

This Sunday Hawks entertain Ipswich in Divisions 1 and 2 (2 p.m) and next Wednesday (27th) they stage the Breckland Autos Charity Cup (7 p.m)  

Posted 26th June

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co came through a wet and busy week with three well-earned victories for their efforts.  

Once again it was all hands to the pump - literally - to clear the track of surface water on each occasion. The local derby with Eaton was well contested and neck and neck all the way although the visitors were never in front.  A 7-3 win from Ben Collins and Dave Martin in heat 15 put the Hawks four up with the critical race being the penultimate heat 17.   

Jazz Abbott found a burst of speed to pass both Ireland international Gary Colby and former Hawk Leigh Cossey.  Cossey fell trying to switch his line and brought down David Adams earning him an exclusion from the re-run which Hethersett won 7-2 to clinch the match.  Simon Wilcox gave a terrific captain's performance with tactical heats followed by two wins. 

Hethersett 92 Eaton 87. Hethersett scorers - Jazz Abbott 17, Dave Martin 16, David Adams 14, Simon Wilcox 14, Ben Collins 12, Dan Chambers 8, Harley Hamill 6, Scott Grimes 5 

Ipswich arrived for their two matches at Hethersett with limited numbers and the Hawks were virtually at full-strength.  It was no surprise that they powered to a big win with Dave Martin leading the way with a maximum. However, the feature was an all-round team effort throughout. 

Hethersett started 30 points up for the B team match as the visitors used restricted riders and, consequently, could give valuable experience to younger riders with that cushion.  Ben Collins dropped just one point to the opposition but the highlight was a couple of wins for Danny Woods on his full team debut. 

Hethersett 108 Ipswich 65. Hethersett scorers - Dave Martin 20, Jazz Abbott 19, Dale Bennett 19, Adam Bennett 15, Simon Wilcox 12, David Adams 10, Daniel Chambers 9, Ben Collins 4. 

Hethersett B 104 (74+30) Ipswich 84. Hethersett scorers Ben Collins 16, Daniel Chambers 13, Danny Woods 12, Harley Hamill 12, Jazz Abbott 6, Jaie Abbott 5, Scott Grimes 5, Callum Martin 3, David Adams 2. 

This Saturday Scott Grimes is contesting the British Under-13 Championships at Eaton Park while on Sunday the Hawks are at Great Blakenham.  

Posted 2nd July

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co tracked one of their youngest ever teams for a first team match when they visited leaders Gt Blakenham in the Norfolk and Suffolk League.   

The Suffolk side showed no mercy and, despite sterling efforts by the young Hawks, it was a big defeat.  Sixteen-year old David Adams, the oldest in the team, did very well, winning his last race on the way to 15 points and brother Phil did well too. Dan Chambers also got a race win in heat five.  

Great Blakenham 114 Hethersett 65. Hethersett scorers - David Adams 15, Dan Chambers 11, Ben Collins 11, Philip Adams 11, Scott Grimes 7, Harley Hamill 5, Carly Grimes 3, Jaie Abbott 3. 

Scott Grimes was unlucky to fall on the first bend of his British Under-13 Semi-Final at Eaton Park.  This cost him vital points and, despite one win, he failed to qualify for the final by one point. 

The Breckland Autos Charity Cup scheduled for last Wednesday was postponed and will be staged later in the season. 

This Sunday the Hawks are at Kesgrave in Division 2 (11.00)  

Posted 9th July

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co took their strongest possible B team to face Kesgrave in South-East Division Two and it proved a wise move as the home side contested well in the early heats.  

At the interval Hawks led by four points but immediately after the break scored a 6-3 from man of the match David Adams and Dan Chambers and then a 7-3 win from Jazz Abbott and Ben Collins. From that point on a Hawks win was never in doubt and there was another 7-3 win for Ben Collins and David Adams in the penultimate heat.  There was some good teamwork throughout and all seven riders won a heat.  

Kesgrave 70, Hethersett B 87. Hethersett - Jazz Abbott 21, Philip Adams 15, David Adams 15, Daniel Chambers 11, Ben Collins 9, Simon Wilcox 9, Harley Hamill 7. 

The latest round of the Norfolk Grand Prix Series was held in heavy rain at Spixworth and two Hawks won their age groups - Scott Grimes won the Under-13 novice grade and Ben Collins the Under-16s. 

This Saturday a few club members will travel to Newport in Wales for a national round of the British Youth and Junior League and on Sunday it is South-East Grand Prix action at Harford Park, Tuckswood.  The Hawks are back there on Wednesday (18th) to face Eaton in a League match.  

Posted 16th July

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co were without team racing but riders were kept busy with a number of individual events.  

Jazz Abbott had the best possible confidence boost ahead of this weekend's World Junior Championships in Dorset by winning the Under-16 Grand Prix Final at the first National Round of the British Youth and Junior League held in Newport (Wales). Dan Chambers also made the A Final in the U-14s event and was unlucky not to finish second when a fallen rider impeded him and he had to settle for third.   

Scott Grimes finished 10th in the U-12 event but was the star performer the next day at Harford Park where he won the U-13 Final at the South-East Grand Prix Round.  Dan Chambers was third in the U-16s, Callum Martin third in the U-8s while his father David was runner-up in the Seniors. 

Two Hethersett riders also took runner-up prizes at the Norfolk Championships also held at Harford Park -  Scott Grimes in the U-13s and Jaie Abbott in the U-10s.  Oliver Forder-Wilcox took a tumble which probably cost him a podium place, but he did qualify for the East Anglian Finals along with Carly Grimes and Callum Martin. 

Jazz Abbott will be in top class action this weekend when he faces a tough Friday qualifier in the World Championships facing nine riders from Poland.  If he is successful he will proceed to Saturday's semi-finals and Sunday's Final. 

Jaie Abbott, Callum Martin and Oliver Forder-Wilcox will be racing in the South-East Youth Grand Prix Finals at Kesgrave on Saturday.   

Posted 23rd July

Hethersett cycle speedway rider Jazz Abbott reached the semi-finals of the World Junior Championships at Poole. 

Jazz, who rides for Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co narrowly missed out on a place in the final. 

Jazz was up against the cream of young riders from Australia, Poland and the USA. Friday’s qualifying rounds were delayed by heavy rain and Jazz initially failed to make the qualifying mark due mainly to a fall and an exclusion. Fortunately he had done enough to get into a repechage where he scored a 20-point maximum to get through to the second round the following day. 

Jazz did remarkably well to score 13 points in the toughest round and that was good enough to secure a semi-final place on Sunday. He received a tough draw and fell short of reaching the final by an agonisingly small margin of two points. 

It was a fine effort from 15-year-old Jazz in a top class Under-18 field and he will still be eligible to compete in Australia in 2009. 

Jazz’s brother Jaie was one of three Hethersett riders to pick up trophies at the South-East Youth Grand Prix Finals at Kesgrave.  He won the D Final in the Under-10s while Oliver Forder-Wilcox finished third in the Under-8s A Final with Callum Martin winning the B Final. This Saturday Scott Grimes, Carly Grimes and Harley Hamill will be contesting the Under-12 and Under-14 equivalent finals at Eaton Park. 

The Hawks achieved a double over local rivals Eaton at Harford Park in the Norfolk and Suffolk League.  The depth of the Hawks team was too strong for the five-rider home side with Jazz Abbott, Dave Martin and David Adams in fine form while Phil Howells got some much needed practice before going off to Poland this weekend to represent England in the World Cup. 

Eaton 69, Hethersett 102. Hethersett scorers - Jazz Abbott 19, Phil Howells 17, David Adams 17, Dave Martin 16, Philip Adams 10, Dan Chambers 7, Ben Collins 7, Danny Woods 5, Callum Martin 4.  

Posted 30th July

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co moved to the top of two leagues following convincing wins over Colchester at the Memorial Playing Field.   

The B team share top spot in South-East Division Two after a victory that saw Jazz Abbott and Simon Wilcox drop just one point each and Harley Hamill put in a top performance that included two race wins. The only race Colchester won was heat seven when David Adams shed a chain. 

Hethersett B 92, Colchester 66. Hethersett - Jazz Abbott 18, Simon Wilcox 18, Harley Hamill 13, Ben Collins 11, David Adams 11, Scott Grimes 8, Philip Adams 7, Danny Woods 6. 

In the South-East Youth League match Colchester could only raise four riders so Callum Martin and Oliver Forder-Wilcox kindly agreed to make up their numbers. Hethersett maintained their unbeaten record in this League with Ben Collins racing to a maximum, although he was fortunate on a couple of occasions. His teamwork as well as that of Harley Hamills was a main feature while Scott Grimes was in encouraging form in his debut as a heat-leader. 

Hethersett Under-16s 94 Colchester Under-16s 56. Hethersett - Ben Collins 19, Scott Grimes 19, Harley Hamill 17, Danny Woods 15, Jaie Abbott 12, Carly Grimes 12. 

Two Hethersett riders picked up trophies at the South-East Youth Grand Prix Finals at Eaton Park. Scott Grimes came second in the Under-12s (and second in the series overall) while in the Under-14s Harley Hamill was also runner-up but third in the series overall. 

This Sunday some riders from Hethersett will travel to East London for South-East Grand Prix action.  

Posted 6th August

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co had successful riders at grand prix events. At East London, Scott Grimes and Ben Collins finished second in their age groups in the South-East Grand Prix while Harley Hammill won the B final.

Grimes and Collins went one better in the Norfolk GP at Eaton Park, winning their age groups with Dave Martin and Danny Woods also making it to the A finals.

Some Hethersett riders will be in action at Great Blakenham in Suffolk this Saturday for the second national round of the British Youth and Junior League Grand Prix. On Sunday the Hawks first and youth teams will be at Eaton Park for League action against Norwich.

Posted 13th August

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co took on a Norwich side containing six Premier League riders at Eaton Park in the South-East Division One and the 40-point defeat did not reflect a hard-fought match from which Hethersett came out of with a lot of praise.  

Man of the match was Ben Collins who gave his best performance in a Hawks shirt, closely followed by young heat-leader David Adams. Hawks only senior rider - Dave Martin - was their only heat-winner in heat 14. 

Norwich 109, Hethersett 69. Hethersett scorers - B.Collins 13, D.Adams 12, D.Martin 11, Jazz Abbott 10, H.Hamill 8, D.Chambers 8, S.Grimes 4, D.Woods 3. 

In the following South-East Youth League match Hawks built up a 13-point lead and then gave young substitutes experience before winning by six points.  Harley Hamill and Jazz Abbott were unbeaten. Hethersett now need just a draw at Ipswich on Sunday to win the League. The first-team are also in action in Ipswich. 

Norwich Under-16s 76, Hethersett Under-16s 82. Hethersett - H.Hamill 16, Jazz Abbott 14, B.Collins 10, D.Chambers 10, S.Grimes 10, D.Woods 9, C.Grimes 5, Jaie Abbott 5, C.Martin 3. 

Scott Grimes was the star Hethersett rider in the British Youth and Junior League Grand Prix at Great Blakenham where he finished second in the Under-12 section after two victories over series leader Liam Overett. Dan Chambers had an unlucky exclusion but won all his other heats including the B Final in the Under-14s. Jazz Abbott was also a B Final winner in the Under-16s. 

The Hawks' Norfolk Novice League side went clear at the top of the table with the home leg to come by winning at Harford Park thanks mainly to maximums from Scott Grimes and Danny Woods. 

Hethersett 56, Norwich 49, Spixworth 19, Eaton 10. Hethersett - D.Woods 16, S.Grimes 16, C.Grimes 13, Jaie Abbott 11. 

Posted 20th August

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO faced a downpour and a full-strength Ipswich side in the Norfolk & Suffolk League but got down to the task with an excellent first-half in which they only lost one race with some determined wins by Jazz Abbott, Dave Martin and Ben Collins and a gutsy third pace from Harley Hamill. After the break a 7-3 win by the Adams brothers Phil and David and another from Phil and Dave Martin in heat 14 meant that they could protect a good lead till the end and secure a well-earned team victory.
IPSWICH 87 HETHERSETT 90 (Dave Martin 18 David Adams 14 Jazz Abbott 13 Philip Adams 12 Ben Collins 11 Dan Chambers 10 Simon Wilcox 8 Harley Hamill 4)
To round off a great day the Hawks' Under-16 team secured the South-East Youth League title for the third consecutive year with a fine win led by maximums from Ben Collins and Philip Adams plus a man-of-the-match performance from Harley Hamill, who dropped just one point.
IPSWICH U16 86 HETHERSETT U16 93 (Harley Hamill 18 Ben Collins 16 Philip Adams 16 Dan Chambers 15 Scott Grimes 9 Danny Woods 8 Carly Grimes 4 Jaie Abbott 4 Callum Martin 2 Oliver Forder-Wilcox 1)
There was more wet track action as 30 riders gathered for the Norfolk Grand Prix round at Harford Park. Hethersett successes included a fine win in the U16s Final by Ben Collins, coming from third to first after a poor start. Dan Chambers was second, the same place achieved by Scott Grimes in the Novice event and Dave Martin in the Seniors.
All roads lead to Suffolk this weekend for the British Championships.  Dave Martin (Senior) and Jazz Abbott, Ben Collins, Dan Chambers and Harley Hamill (under-16s) are contesting semi-finals over the weekend to try and qualify for Monday's Finals at Ipswich.

Posted 27th August

Riders from Hethersett Hawks / Swinton & Co were contesting the British Championships in Suffolk over the Bank Holiday.  In the Senior event, Dave Martin had tough semi-finals on Saturday and Sunday and did well to amass 29 points. Sadly this was one short of the qualifying mark for Monday's Final and he will rue a couple of lapses that cost him points. 

Of the four contesting the Under-16 semi-finals, Jazz Abbott was the only qualifier with 16 points at Gt. Blakenham. Ben Collins was a reserve at the final having been unlucky to only score 12 at Kesgrave while Dan Chambers scored 9 and Harley Hamill 7. 

Jazz had a tough draw in the final but had three good rides to be in with an outside chance of honours.  A bad start in his fourth ride hindered him and working his way through the field he slipped on a corner and his chances were gone.  The 12 points he scored meant he came away a little disappointed with joint 7th place. 

Wednesday's Norfolk Grand Prix was cancelled due to heavy rain and will now be on October 3rd.  This weekend a few Hawks will travel to Lancashire to contest the British Youth & Junior League Grand Prix National Round and on Sunday the Hawks' B and Youth teams are at Colchester.

Posted 3rd September

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co crowned two new Norfolk champions after an entertaining evening's racing at the Memorial Playing Field.  

There was plenty of incident as 16 riders contested the Senior and Under-19 Championships and a series of race-offs was required to decide the honours.  Dave Martin made up for the disappointment of narrowly missing out on last week's British Final by sweeping past former Hawk Leigh Cossey in the deciding race for the Senior title after other leading contenders all suffered exclusions in vital races.   

Jazz Abbott, now sponsored by PDQ Logistics, defeated Philip Adams for third place in the Senior but the pair produced a far more exciting race-off for the Under-19 title which Jazz eventually won. Philip came so close to causing an upset but runners-up spot was a consolation, relegating his brother David into third place. 

Dan Chambers and Scott Grimes travelled to Lancashire to contest a national round of the Youth and Junior Grand Prix and Dan finished third in the Under-14 category. Scott was winning the B Final in the Under-12s until he slipped and was passed by all three opponents. 

The Hawks gained two more league victories on the road with wins in the South East Division 2 and Youth League at Colchester.  Ben Collins was unbeaten in the first match while Philip Adams and Jazz Abbott both defeated top Colchester rider Jonjo Slaughter in the Youth match. Dan Chambers did well to assist Danny Woods to two race wins. 

Colchester 73, Hethersett B 87. Hethersett - Jazz Abbott 17, Philip Adams 15, David Adams 15, Ben Collins 14, Dan Chambers 12, Danny Woods 7, Scott Grimes 4, Jaie Abbott 3. 

Colchester Under-16s 68, Hethersett Under-16s 87. Hethersett - Philip Adams 18, Dan Chambers 16, Ben Collins 14, Scott Grimes 11, Danny Woods 10, Jazz Abbott 10, Jaie Abbott 5, Callum Martin 3. 

This Saturday the Hawks are at Gt.Blakenham for the finals of the East Anglian KO Cup Fours at both Under-16 and Senior level.  On Sunday there is Grand Prix racing at Somersham.  

Posted 10th September

Hethersett Hawka/Swinton and Co Under-16 team completed a unique achievement at Great Blakenham when they romped to victory in the East Anglian Cup Final. The team pictured above  with East Anglian Cup sponsor Terry Ashford and team manager Mel Perkins.

This means they now hold titles at Norfolk, East Anglia, South-East and British levels. Philip Adams, Ben Collins and Dan Chambers were all unbeaten in the East Anglian event. Hethersett 58, Norwich 40, Ipswich 36, Kesgrave 26. Hethersett scorers -Ben Collins 16, Dan Chambers 16, Philip Adams 12, Jazz Abbott 11, Scott Grimes 3.

The Hawks fielded three Under-16s in the Senior Cup Final and were actually leading in the early stages with skipper Dave Martin recording three brilliant wins. The home side eased in front after the break leaving Hethersett and Ipswich to battle for runners-up. Tactical racing left Jazz Abbott in last place in heat 15 and in the final heat Leon Mower from Ipswich was excluded for forcing Martin into the fence.  A third-place in the rerun meant Martin had to face Ipswich's Josh Brooke in a race-off which the Ipswich rider won despite a strong challenge from the Hawk. It was a creditable performance from a young side.

Great Blakenham 50, Ipswich 39, Hethersett 39, Norwich 29. Scorers - Dave Martin 14, Jazz Abbott 9, David Adams 8, Philip Adams 6, Ben Collins 2.

In South-East Grand Prix action at Somersham, Callum Martin underlined his potential with a third place in the Under-8s, Ben Collins won the Under-16 B Final and Dave Martin was excluded in the Senior Final after a fall. Ben Collins won the Under-16 Norfolk Grand Prix round at Spixworth. with Dan Chambers second. In the Novices Danny Woods was second and Scott Grimes third.

This Saturday Hethersett are staging their club championships starting at 1 p.m. followed by the Breckland Autos Charity Cup at 6 p.m. and on Sunday they play hosts to East London for two matches at 2 p.m.  

Posted 17th September

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co had one of their busiest weeks at the Memorial Playing Field but during that period they crowned five club champions, won another league title and secured a win that puts them joint top of another league.  

The novice team, giving two riders team debuts, won the final leg of the Norfolk Novice League to win the championship overall.  Danny Woods and Scott Grimes both won three of their four rides to lead the side to victory with support from newcomers Axl Johnson and Marcus Woods.  

Hethersett 54, Spixworrth 44, Norwich 42, Eaton 12. Hethersett - Danny Woods 15, Scott Grimes 14, Marcus Woods 13, Axl Johnson 12.


Final table






















Six matches took place at Hethersett on Saturday with five club championships being followed by the Breckland Autos Charity Cup.  Jaie Abbott (U10) Scott Grimes (U13) Ben Collins (U16 and U19) and David Martin (Seniors) took the club titles before Ipswich's Josh Brooke completed a 20-point maximum to take the Charity Cup to Suffolk. David Martin defeated Ipswich's Leon Mower in a race-off for second and third places. 

The full day's racing on Saturday seemed to take its toll on the Hawks on Sunday as they entertained East London in South-East League matches.  Tactical errors, mistakes and bad luck reduced the Hawks chances as they looked out of touch against experienced opponents. 

Ben Collins, David Adams and Jazz Abbott rode well in patches with their experienced captain Simon Wilcox being the most consistent. 

Hethersett 79, East London 94. Hethersett - Jazz Abbott 14, Ben Collins 13, Simon Wilcox 13, Dave Martin 12, David Adams 11, Dan Chambers 7, Harley Hamill 5, Philip Adams 4. 

In the Division 2 match East London conceded 45 points for using restricted riders and this was enough to see the Hawks move to joint top of the Division and still give their younger members some racing. Simon Wilcox and David Adams scored the only Hethersett 7-3 win of the day in heat 4. 

Hethersett B (63+45) 108 East London B 97. Hethersett - David Adams 10, Jazz Abbott 8, Harley Hamill 7, Ben Collins 7, Dan Chambers 7, Simon Wilcox 6, Philip Adams 6, Danny Woods 5, Axl Johnson 4, Jaie Abbott 2, Callum Martin 1. 

This Saturday a few Hawks will be in Leicester for British Youth & Junior Grand Prix action while on Sunday Hethersett stage a round of the South-East Grand Prix for all ages at 1 p.m.  

Posted 24th September.

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co riders have been busy in Grand Prix action with a mixture of bad luck and success.  In the seventh round of the Norfolk Series at Hethersett, Scott Grimes was second in the novice section with Shane Miller third in his comeback match. At Under-16 level, Philip Adams won the A Final with Ben Collins second and Harley Hamill fourth.  

On Saturday three riders went to Leicester for the final national round of the British Youth and Junior Grand Prix.  Scott Grimes had some bad luck in his first two Under-12 rides but fought back to qualify for and win the B Final in style.  Dan Chambers won all his Under-14 heats but was clearly fouled on the third lap of the final and finished fourth. Philip Adams had a couple of indifferent races but then found his form with some excellent passes including a last bend dive to win the B Final. 

On Sunday, Hawks hosted the eighth round of the South-East Grand Prix.  Scott Grimes fell off when leading the Under-13 Final, Callum Martin finished third in the Under-8s and his father David won the Senior event coming from last to first in the final. Dan Chambers and Philip Adams finished second and fourth respectively in the Under-16s. 

This Saturday Hawks riders will be in action in the East Anglian Championships at Harford Park as well as representing Norfolk against Suffolk while on Sunday the A and B teams travel to Gt.Blakenham in the South-East Leagues. 

Posted 1st October

HEHTERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO took a step nearer another League title when they won the Division Two match at Great Blakenham, defeating the League leaders on their own track. If they win their final match at home to Kesgrave they could be champions, depending on results elsewhere.  The Hawks' B side have improved throughout the season and after an even start stamped their authority on the match with Jazz Abbott, Philip Adams and sub Simon Wilcox all unbeaten. 
This match had followed the Division 1 match where the home side's unbeaten reigning champions were given a hard match by the young Hawks who refused to be intimidated by stronger riders.  They became the only team to keep Blakenham under 100 points all season.
(Dave Martin 14 David Adams 12 Jazz Abbott 11 Philip Adams 11 Ben Collins 10 Simon Wilcox 10 Dan Chambers 7 Harley Hamill 5)
(Jazz Abbott 20 Philip Adams 16 David Adams 14 Simon Wilcox 10 Ben Collins 9 Harley Hamill 8 Dan Chambers 7 Callum Martin 3)
Jazz Abbott, sponsored by PDQ Logistics, won the East Anglian Under-16 title at Harford Park, Norwich with a faultless maximum and then went on to captain Norfolk U16s to a 100-76 win over Suffolk with another maximum. Ben Collins defeated club-mate Dan Chambers in a race-off for the third place in the East Anglian Championship. Scott Grimes narrowly missed out on honours in the East Anglian Under-13 event finishing fourth but then dropped just one point for Norfolk as they pulled back to draw against Suffolk.  Shane Miller was also prominent in this match.

Dateline - October 8th

Hethersett Hawks/ Swinton and Co are nearing the end of their season but the successes keep coming.  

At Kesgrave in Suffolk, Dave Martin, who won the Norfolk title earlier in the season, became East Anglian Senior Champion, only the second Hethersett rider to do so in the competition's long history. As other contenders fell or made mistakes, Dave kept his cool under pressure and even passed his closest rival Chris Osborne on the line in his final race to complete a maximum and lead the field by three points. It is a fitting reward to a club member who has put in so much work with the Club's younger riders this season. 

Best performance in the East Anglian Under-19s came from Ben Collins who finished fourth. 

Earlier in the week, Ben had been presented with his winning trophy in the Norfolk Under-16 Grand Prix Series, even though he was unwell and unable to ride in the final round.  Dan Chambers took advantage to win the round, enough to give him second place in the series.  Scott Grimes was runner-up in the Novice Grand Prix, both on the night and in the series. 

Hethersett riders performed well at Kesgrave on Sunday in the final round of the South-East Grand Prix.  David Adams was runner-up in the Under-19s while Callum Martin (Under-8s) and Dave Martin (Seniors) both came third. Dan Chambers missed out on the Under-16 'A' Final by one point. 

This Sunday the Hawks race their last League matches of the season at the Memorial Playing Field.  The 'A' side take on Somersham at 11 a.m but the most important match is the 'B' team against Kesgrave at 2 p.m. A win for Hethersett could see them as Division 2 champions.

Dateline October 15th

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co rounded off their league season with a double victory at the Memorial Playing Field, the second of which secured another league title. 

The 83-76 win by the B team over Kesgrave secured the South-East Division 2 title but it was a hard-fought victory.  Philip Adams fell off in heat two and then Dan Chambers did likewise in heat three. Dan’s fall was more serious as a bad foot injury led to him retiring from the meeting.  The team rallied with Ben Collins and Jazz Abbott gaining a 7-2 win followed by a 7-3 from Philip Adams and Danny Woods.  An 11-point interval lead was protected in the second half so that victory was ensured with two heats remaining. 

Earlier the Hawks had overwhelmed Somersham in the Norfolk and Suffolk League with Dave Martin and Simon Wilcox unbeaten.  

Hethersett 111, Somersham 57. Hethersett scorers - Dave Martin 19, David Adams 17, Simon Wilcox 15, Jazz Abbott 14, Ben Collins 13, Philip Adams 13, Dan Chambers 10, Harley Hamill 10. 

Hethersett B 83, Kesgrave 76. Hethersett scorers - Jazz Abbott 19, David Adams 17, Ben Collins 14, Philip Adams 14, Danny Woods 13, Jaie Abbott 3, Callum Martin 2 Dan Chambers 1. 

In the South-East League Riders Championship at Ipswich, Jazz Abbott, sponsored by PDQ Logistics, came closest to honours.  In the Division 2/Youth League event he looked likely to be in the top three until a fall in his last race saw him drop points. He was fourth with 16 points, one ahead of Ben Collins with Philip Adams and Dan Chambers finishing on 12 points.  In the Division 1 event Hethersett scorers were Jazz 13 Philip 11 Ben 8 and Dan 7. 

The Hawks bring the curtain down on their season at the Memorial Field on 28th October with the Club Maiden Plate and Best Pairs Championships.  

Dateline October 29th 

After the summer we have just had it seemed fitting that Hethersett Hawks / Swinton & Co should bring down the curtain on a very successful season on a wet track. The Club maiden Plate was eagerly contested and the popular winner was veteran Tim Grimes, a former team member who has returned to Club activities after his children joined. He dropped just one point and finished one point clear of favourite Harley Hamill who lost control in his opening ride and was passed in fine style by eventual third-place rider Danny Woods in a later race. Callum Martin won the handicap prize for the third consecutive year and his brother Daniel received the 'champagne moment' prize.
Tim Grimes 15 Harley Hamill 14 Danny Woods 13 Axl Johnson 10 Callum Martin 8 Katie Adams 6 Daniel Martin 4 
This was followed by the Club Best Pairs which went to a race-off. Dave Martin and Axl Johnson were the winners after Simon Wilcox fell off in the tie-break.  Wilcox and his partner Jaie Abbott took the runners-up spot with David Adams and Danny Woods third place.
1 David Martin & Axl Johnson 33
2 Simon Wilcox & Jaie Abbott 33
3 David Adams & Danny Woods 32
4 Harley Hamill & Shane Miller 30
5 Philip Adams & Oliver Forder-Wilcox 29
6= Ben Collins & Katie Adams 26
6= Scott Grimes & Callum Martin 26

South East Counties League Final Positions

GT BLAKENHAM 10 9 0 1 1048 695 18 353
NORWICH 10 9 0 1 980 782 18 198
EAST LONDON 10 6 0 4 887.5 847.5 12 40
HETHERSETT 10 3 0 7 832 933 6 -101
IPSWICH 10 2 0 8 760.5 951.5 4 -191
SOMERSHAM 10 1 0 9 692 991 2 -299
  60 30 0 30 5200 5200 60 0
HETHERSETT B 10 8 0 2 878 780 16 98
GT BLAKENHAM B 10 7 0 3 863 771 14 92
EAST LONDON B 10 7 0 3 850.5 780.5 14 70
KESGRAVE * 10 5 0 5 856 790 8 66
COLCHESTER 10 2 0 8 720.5 842.5 4 -122
IPSWICH B 10 1 0 9 729 933 2 -204
  60 30 0 30 4897 4897 58 0
HETHER'SETT U16 6 6 0 0 525 436 12 89
NORWICH U16 6 4 0 2 485 465 8 20
COLCHESTER U16 6 2 0 4 412 465 4 -53
IPSWICH U16 6 0 0 6 428 484 0 -56
  24 12 0 12 1850 1850 24 0
GT BLAKENHAM * 8 8 0 0 865 504 14 361
HETHERSETT 8 5 0 3 707 696 10 11
EATON 8 4 0 4 645 737 8 -92
IPSWICH 8 2 0 6 642 744 4 -102
SOMERSHAM 8 1 0 7 575 753 2 -178
  40 20 0 20 3434 3434 38 0
* 2 points deducted for each postponement


Six riders from Hethersett Hawks / Swinton & Co had their first real taste of indoor racing when they travelled to Salford for the British Indoor Championships.  There was success for Jazz Abbott, sponsored by PDQ Logistics, who qualified along with Philip Adams for the Under-16 Final.  Philip struggled in the tough competition but Jazz overcame a slow start with some determined riding.  He won his last two races to finish on 16 points to take third position on the rostrum.  He is pictured above receiving his award.

Jazz also reached the Under-19 Final but found that particularly tough as did Scott Grimes who reached the Under-13 Final.   

The team events provided mixed fortunes.  As the British Outdoor Under-16 Champions, the Hawks were fancied to make the final but two punctures and a heavy fall ruined their chances in the Under-18 event.  The same four Under-16 riders plus Dave Martin, who had reached the Senior Final and scored 10 despite an exclusion, took on the top teams in Britain and did well to finish third out of five in their Semi-Final. 

All in all it was an enjoyable weekend from which the Hawks learned quickly to adapt to the different style of racing. 

Junior Team Semi-Final - Wednesfield 54, Leicester 37, Birmingham 34, Hethersett 26,(Dan Chambers 9 Jazz Abbott 7 Philip Adams 5 Ben Collins 5) 

Senior Team Semi-Final - Horspath 57 Stockport 47 Hethersett 30 Sandwell 30 Birmingham 29. Hethersett scorers - Jazz Abbott 10, Philip Adams 7, Dave Martin 6, Dan Chambers 4, Ben Collins 3.

This Friday the Hawks celebrate their successful season at a Presentation Party at Hethersett Social Club.  

Hawks' Celebration Party

Hethersett Hawks' chairman John Nelson presents David Martin with one of his many trophies and on the right presents Jazz Abbott with his Norfolk Junior Championship Shield

Hethersett Hawks/Swinton and Co Cycle Speedway Club celebrated its most successful season to date with a presentation party at Hethersett Social Club.   

The lengthy roll of honour included a British Team title, two South-East League championships, an East Anglian Junior Cup, a Norfolk League Championship plus two East Anglian Individual Champions and three Norfolk Individual Champions.  

Winners of East Anglian Individual Championships were David Martin (seniors) and Jazz Abbott (Under-16s) and winners of Norfolk Championships were David Martin (seniors), Jazz Abbott (Under-19s and Under-16s). 

The end of season Club awards for 2007 went to the following - Top Scorer, David Martin; Best Newcomer, Callum Martin; Most Improved Junior, Ben Collins; Clubman, Simon Wilcox; First-Team Rider, David Martin; Second/Youth Team Rider, Ben Collins; Sportsman - David Martin. 

There was also a special presentation from the riders to club secretary Mel Perkins to mark over 40 years association with the Hethersett club and cycle speedway in general. 

“Mel is simply Mr Hethersett Cycle Speedway,” said club chairman John Nelson. 

The Club was pleased to announce at the party that its sponsors Swinton and Co have agreed to extent their support for a further two years. 

Members will now have a busy winter preparing the track for reopening at the end of March.