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Aiming High and Achieving Together

The special prizewinners from Hethersett High School’s GCSE awards evening. Pictured are (left to right) – Director of Children’s Services for Norfolk County Council Lisa Christensen, Corrie Moxon, Henrike Reintjes, Daniel Orford, Laura Webster, Headteacher Rosemary Allen.


Pupils at Hethersett High School are following the motto of “Aiming High and Achieving Together.” 

That was the message from head teacher Rosemary Allen at the school’s GCSE prizegiving and presentation evening. 

“We have a motto at the school of aiming high and achieving together and that sums up the 2007 year group. This school reunion gives us the chance to reminisce and remind ourselves of the successes of the 2007 year group. They have every right to be proud of their achievements with 17 students getting five or more grade A or grade A stars. The top achiever gained four A star and six A grades and the work ethic and commitment of the pupils really paid off,” Mrs Allen said. 

She went on to speak about the changing face of education: 

“We are living in times of rapid change and the role of schools is changing. It is no longer good enough to pass exams at the highest grades. Employers are looking for individuals who can be creative, who can solve problems and who can adapt to change,” Mrs Allen said adding that 83% of the year group are still in full time education. 

Mrs Allen pointed out that the gap between the achievement of girls and boys had narrowed  in the 2007 group to just seven per cent. She also paid tribute to the way in which the year group had helped other pupils through listening and also in fully supporting the school through an OFSTED report which had praised Hethersett High for its outstanding citizenship and work in the community. 

She thanked the staff and in particular Head of Year Paul Jehan: “Year 11 certainly came together as a strong cohesive unit and that was very much thanks to the work of the tutors and Mr Jehan who really shows that he believes in the students. We are also very lucky to have the wholehearted support of parents who get involved in what is very much a partnership between the school, students and parents.” 

There was also a special mention and a standing ovation from pupils for teaching assistant Sue Wade who this year received an MBE. Mrs Wade has been at the school since 1993. 

Commendations and awards were presented to the pupils, who left the school at the end of the summer term, by guest of honour Lisa Christensen, Norfolk County Council’s Director of Children’s Services. 

The Governors’ Trophy for Outstanding Achievement was awarded to Laura Webster who recorded the highest results in the entire year. 

The Headteacher’s Cup for outstanding contribution to the school and community went to Corrie Moxon and the Darren Hendry Cup for Outstanding Progress was won by Henrike Reintjes. 

The Hethersett Lions’ Award for Community Service was presented by club president Roger Thornhill to Daniel Orford. 

Other main awards went to:  Outstanding Achievement in Child Development, Claire Ashby; Norwich Union Cup for English, Rosamund Attwood; Outstanding Achievement in Art Textiles, Leanne Bolingbroke; Van Zeller Cup for Triple Science, Louise Brownsey; Effort and Progress in Geography, Suzanne Chamberlin; Effort and Progress in English, Christopher Cole; Lee Thompson Cup for Football, William Cook; Katie Onslow Cup for Contribution to Music, Hannah Davis; Effort and Progress in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Hannah Frost; Effort and Progress in Design Technology Resistant Materials, Christopher Hagg; Effort and Progress in Spanish, Oliver Hardy; Effort and Progress in Science, Chantelle Haze; Effort and Progress in History, Jasmine Ives-Keeler; Outstanding Achievement in DT Resistant Materials, Graham Jermy; outstanding achievement in Drama, Abby Kirk; Outstanding Achievement in Food Technology, Naomi Larner; Effort and Progress in Art, Emma Lester; Falcon Acoustics Cup for GCSE Performance in Music, Victoria MacWilliam; Outstanding achievement in Physics, George Marriott; Harvey Autos Merit Award for PE for Boys, Christopher Marshall; Outstanding Achievement in Biology, Brian Mills; John Jarrold Cup for Science, Jacob Morrison; Harvey Autos Merit Award for PE for Girls, Corrie Moxon; Effort and Progress in French, Matthew Newson; Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry, James Newstead; WEA Cup for Art and Design, Daniel Orford; Friends of Hethersett High School Cup for Geography; Kathryn Parker; David Kitchen Cup for Mathematics, Nicholas Payne; Effort and Progress in Work Related Learning, Katherine Pearce; Rippon Cup for Information Technology, Daniel Peck; Suzanne Griffiths Cup for Modern Languages, Henrike Reintjes; Effort and Progress in Mathematics, Eleanor Rule; Effort and Progress in Food Technology, Hannah Shelton; Friends of Hethersett High School Cup for History, Laura Webster. 

Duke of Edinburgh certificates were presented to the following: Bronze Awards -  Louise Brownsey, Christopher Cole, Hannah Davis, Corrie Moxon, Daniel Orford, Henrike Reintjes, Laura Webster. Commendations – Jonathan Ball, Christopher Barnes, Graham Jermy, Elizabeth Johnson, Naomi Larner, Victoria MacWilliam, Philip Morgan, Liam Nichols, Kathryn Parker, Rose-Marie Peacock, Daniel Peck, Rachel Wilkinson. 

Subject commendations were also presented to pupils gaining either A or A star grades or who had exceeded their targets.