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He's A Poet and He Knows It

A poem by a Hethersett High School pupil has beaten off competition from all over the country to be included in a national anthology. 

Year 10 pupil Joe Cooper submitted his poem “Heroes” for the Evans Brothers Ltd World Book Day competition. There were over 3,000 entries and just 29 poems from secondary school children published. 

“I was very happy when I heard my poem was being included,” said a proud Joe who admits that he loves poetry and also being a member of a Year 8 creative writing club. 

“I love writing poetry as it is the ideal way to put down what you are thinking. It also allows people to try and get into your head to work out what you are saying,” said  15 year old Joe who says that he has written hundreds of poems – both serious and amusing. 

Joe used opening lines written for the competition by Liverpool poet Roger McGough – “When I am old and looking back, Who will the heroes be? What deeds will they have done? 

Joe finished the line with the words “Could It be you or me?” and then goes on to develop the poem over 28 lines with the message that the hero could be anyone regardless of who they are. 

Joe would eventually like to establish a career in writing – possibly journalism - and would love to be part of the University of East Anglia’s creative writing degree course. 

In the meantime his poem is in the anthology “The Escape of Hanna Schmidt and other Stories and Poems.” The book is on sale throughout the country for £3.99 with profits going to World Book Day.