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The Year 1900

There are a number of old school log books in existence which give a unique insight into the school at the turn of the last century.

The following are extracts from that log from the last month of 1899 through to the summer of 1900.

December 1st, 1999

Rev Canon Collett came in on Wednesday morning. Notice received from the local authority of two cases of scarlet fever. Attendance still below the average.

December 8th

The wet weather this week has lowered the average in the infants department. Rev Canon Collett came in this morning and Mrs Norgate paid a visit this afternoon - Ellen Carter has been absent since Monday as she is suffering from sore throat.

December 15th

Rev Canon Collett came in on Tuesday afternoon. A fall of snow on Monday morning and the continuance of severe weather throughout the week has greatly diminished the attendance in the infant class. The attendance officer called yesterday.

December 20th

Owing to the illness of Mrs Stace the school closed on Wednesday for the Christmas holidays instead of on Thursday, the day originally fixed.

December 22nd

The following report on the result of the pupil teachers examination has just been received.

Mary E Curson 2nd year, passed fairly

January 8th, 1900

School re-opened this morning. As Mrs Stace is not able to come in to school at present, the time table will not be strictly followed this afternoon. Arithmetic will be taken instead of the lessons arranged. Mrs Norgate came in this afternoon.

January 15th

The attendance officer called on Tuesday morning. Rev Canon Collett visited on Wednesday afternoon. The needlework on Wednesday and today was taken by the P.J. Standards 1 and 2 have been in charge of monitors.

January 19th

The wet weather and prevalence of sickness has affected the attendances during the past week. Rev Canon Collett came in on Thursday morning and brought a clock face for the use of the infant department.

January 26th

Mrs Norgate came in on Monday and Rev Canon Collett on Tuesday morning. Several of the older children have been absent this week through illness. Mary Curson, the pupil teacher was not able to come today.

February 5th

As the master was suffering from influenza the school was closed for a week.

February 9th

The usual monthly exam was held yesterday but owing to the week's holiday and the absence of teachers during the month, the results are not as good as could be wished.

February 14th

The school was closed this afternoon owing to a heavy fall of snow.

February 21st

The stormy weather of the past three days has had a very bad effect on the attendance.

The remainder of the month of February seems to be dominated by bad weather and illness amongst the teachers and children and the log rambles its merry way through spring and becomes interesting again in may.

May 16th

All of the girls of the 3rd and 4th year standards left the school at 2.30 this afternoon to attend the funeral of Ivy Bennett, a little girl in the fourth standard who was present on Friday morning last and died after a short illness on Sunday morning.

May 17th

A half holiday was given this afternoon as the greater number of the children were desirous of seeing a wedding.

May 25th

Report of the Diocesan Inspector.

Singing was marked with care and reverence. The writing out of prepared portions of the catechism was excellently done. The tone and discipline of the school are excellent.

The school was further inspected in June (it does not say by whom) and the following comments made.

Hethersett National School
Mixed School The order and instruction are very satisfactory and the school is making good progress.
Infants Class The Infants room is crowded and it is hoped that the managers will see their way to enlarge it at an early date. The discipline and instruction of the infants are very commendable.

School Staff:	E.J Stace	Certified Master
		A.E Stace	Certified Mistress
		E.R Prewer
		Mary E. Curson

A flavour of the teaching at the school is given by an entry from June 29th, 1900.
The following list of lessons has been approved by Her Majesty's Inspector for the current year:

Infants: Birds, Birds Nests and eggs, ducks and geese, the Swallow, pigeon, insects, the ant, butterfly, Honey Bee, Fish, the Herring, the Salmon; corn, barley and wheat, hay and straw, trees, stone fruit, cherry, plum, the apple, cabbage, onion, peas and beans, the potato, rabbits and hares, the frog, hair, fur and wool, umbrellas, railway stations, shops, the grocers, the farm.

Standards 1 to 111 - A bird, the duck, the rook, robin, Heron, beaks of birds, feathers of birds, birds' wings; parts of flowers, the primrose, the daisy, shapes of flowers, pollen and its work, fruits and seeds; the house fly, the hive bee, house fly, the spider web, roots of plants, how root plants are nourished.

Standards IV to VI - Geography of Europe, History - Tudor period.

Standards III and IV - Geography of British Isles.

Standards I and II - Definitions of geography.

And finally an interesting entry from July.

Ernest Yull was badly stung by a wasp while on the way to school and his face was so much swollen that he was sent home. His sister Beatrice was sent home with him and her attendance was cancelled.