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Cinder-Fella Story


There's a little bit more to debutante romantic novelist Julia Douglas than meets the eye. We can reveal that the author of Nashville Cinderella is actually a feller - Wicklewood-based journalist Douglas McPherson.
The reason for the sex change, says (Julia) Douglas is: "Romance novels are aimed at women and there's a belief in the publishing world that women prefer to buy books by women authors and men prefer books by male writers. It's why JK Rowling uses her initials - because she didn't want boys to be put off of reading a book by a woman."
Nashville Cinderella is the story of an aspiring country singer dreaming of love and fame while working as a waitress in the country music capital of Nashville, Tennessee. The book is published as a large print paperback and available to borrow from local libraries (Norfolk libraries have 13 copies) or to buy online from Amazon etc.
It's the first of four romance titles from Julia Douglas to be published this year, with the next, Closer, coming out in March.

Cindy was having doubts about recording What I’d Give. After a couple of half-hearted rehearsals, when she just couldn’t get a tight dryness out of her voice, she sat down with the legal pad containing the lyrics propped on her knees.

“You know, maybe Katie should sing this after all.”

“Yeah,” Katie agreed. “I could do a great version of that song, just thinking about Tex. What I wouldn’t give to have that guy back here with me right now!”

She hugged the cushion tighter and wriggled on the couch.

“Why don’t you just call him?” asked Cindy, as Katie’s eyes flicked towards the silent phone for the gazillionth time.

“No way!” Katie protested. “The girl should never be the first to call the guy!”

“That’s why this is such a great song,” Tony explained as he tapped a key on the keyboard and checked the recording level on the laptop. “It says all the things you girls are too proud to come out and say in real life.”

“So you guys wouldn’t be too proud to say it?” Katie challenged him sarcastically.

“Sure, we’re exactly the same,” Tony grinned. “But if love ran smooth, who’d need country songs?”


Nashville Cinderella by Julia Douglas is published as a Linford Romance. It’s available to borrow from libraries or to buy on 0116 236 4325.