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Hethersett Library Dates

Following increasing customer demand, Arthur's Organics, an organic box scheme  based in Norwich are expanding their home-delivery service to include Hethersett. 

Tony Park founded Arthur's Organic Deliveries in South Norfolk in 2002, having run Arthur's Wholefoods in Dereham since 1985. It has since expanded to include delivery to Norwich and parts of Suffolk. All of the produce they offer is guaranteed to be GM free and free from artificial chemicals.  

Organic food sales have soared in the past year and UK shoppers are now spending an extra £1.73 million on organic produce. Moreover, according to the Soil Association independent organic producers have seen an increase in sales by 7.5 pc compared to sales last year.  

Tony is a keen environmentalist who believes that it is vital that communities support their local organic farmers and producers and this message is conveyed in his business model. Not only do they offer vegetable and fruit boxes but they have also partnered with local businesses to include wholesale wholefoods like organic pasta, soya milk and environmentally friendly household cleaning products as well as Norwich baked bread and organic Norfolk free-range eggs. 

Buying local organic produce not only helps to support ethical farming but it also gives you the chance to support your local farmers, producers and businesses. 

Tony Park explains why he is expanding his delivery areas: 

'I have been working alongside local organic businesses and farmers for 30 years. In the past few years we have seen an increase in demand for organic produce across our delivery routes in Norfolk and Suffolk and sometimes have been inundated with enquires about our services from new potential customers.  In order to fill the demand and further support our suppliers I am delighted to announce that we are expanding our delivery areas to include Hethersett.  I look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for Arthur's Organics.'

For more information contact 01603 743363 or e-mail by clicking here