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Pantomime Group's Cheque Presentation


Hethersett’s annual pantomime provides plenty of fun and enjoyment for the village and surrounding areas, but there is also a more serious side to the group. 

Each year they donate money to charity and over the past 39 performances have raised over £53,000. 

During this year’s performances of Mother Goose a collection was taken for the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service and raised £2,200. A cheque was presented to David Thompson from NARS at the end of this year’s final performance. The presentation is photographed above.

The money will go towards helping the re-launch of the charity which is aiming to have a new website and to provide its members with new equipment including helmets, overalls, gloves and boots along with trauma bags that cost £1,000 each, defibrillators and special monitoring equipment to check heart functions, blood pressure, breathing and other functions. 

NARS is a group of volunteer doctors and paramedics who work alongside the Ambulance Service to provide extra specialist skills at accidents throughout Norfolk. The organisation is funded entirely by donations and its aim is to save lives and prevent further injury happening prior to admission to the Accident and Emergency departments of hospitals. 

At the present time NARS has 20 doctors and paramedics working in Norfolk including Hethersett GP Dr Tony Press who is also musical director for the Hethersett Pantomime Group.

Hethersett Pantomime 2008 - Mother Goose


Click on the photos above to open larger images and visit our gallery at the end of the review

Hethersett pantomime group provided a feast of fun, colour, laughter and song in their latest production, Mother Goose. 

There was plenty of glitz and glamour as the group returned to panto basics after its venture into the world of sci-fi last year. 

The action for this year’s offering, which played for nine performances in Hethersett Village Hall, centred around the village of Great Bexham and the plot, apart from the obvious laying of golden eggs, took in a travelling circus and a stately home that had fallen on hard times. 

All the usual panto mayhem was on show including the ever-present battle between good and evil and the slapstick-style farce that has made the event one of the most important in the village calendar. 

As always the show included a huge dollop of fun, mixed with song and dance routines that take it into the realms of musical theatre as well as panto. There is always enough leeway in the scripts to allow the characters to ad lib with audiences who need no encouragement to have a good time. It’s all part of the Hethersett tradition. 

Barry Foster was a joy as Mother Goose. Every year his costumes get more outrageous along with his ad libbing. Here is a man who can turn forgetting his lines into an art form. 

Neville Greenhalgh took a year out from being a dame to play the part of the baddie Uriah and helps to mould an excellent cast together with everyone playing his or her part. Emma Jermy as Jack and Rebecca Molloy as Jill are both as pretty as a picture. 

The Hethersett panto always provides something unusual and this year it came in a clever sequence where paintings in the stately home Great Bexham Hall come to life and become part of the plot. Towards the end the action moves to Blickling Hall where the highly talented designer Colin Wilson has set new artistic heights with his scale perfect backdrop. 

The show is held together as always by the skills and personality of Lloyd Parfitt who played the part of Coke the white clown. He is well supported by partner clown Cola (Devon Boyd) and the other main characters – Andrea Farrow as Goosey, Vicki Gale as the ringmaster, Bonnie Wood as the Good Fairy, Steve Bussey as a rambunctious Sir William Hareford, Becky Sprout as Lady Agatha Hareford, Lewis Cook as Lord Charles Hareford, Rachel Woodier as Lady Agnes Hareford, Josh Hamer as Major General Hareford and Sue Tuckwood as the tour guide. 

Once again the production was written and produced by the incomparable Duncan Pigg and directed by Sarah Wright with Tony Press as musical director. 

Since it started in 1970 the panto has raised £53,000 for groups and charities. A special bucket collection this year will go to the Norfolk Accident Rescue Scheme which provides voluntary medical back-up for those involved in road accidents. 

©Review - Peter Steward 2008


Script writer and producer Duncan Pigg
Director Sarah Wright
Musical Director Tony Press
Choreographer Andrea Farrow and Katherine Rowe
Stage Manager Malcolm Goldspink
Set Design  Colin Wilson
Set Painting Colin Wilson, Bob Fell and Irene Dack
Wardrobe Kim Spinks and team
Construction of Sets and Props Linda and Malcolm Goldspink, Irene and David Dack, Phil Emery, Tim Reynolds, Bob Fell
Technical Manager Chris Thrower
Stage Electrician David Dack
Sound Jonathan Thrower
Lighting Jonathan and Chris Thrower, David Johnson
Prompt Judith Press
Make-up Julie Cooke and helpers
Backstage Paul Baxter, Chris Goldspink, Phil Emery, Bob Fell.
Production Assistant Jenny Pigg
Business Manager Frances Trappes-Lomax
Box Office Marie Stevenson and Jean Neal
Front of House David and Jean Neal and helpers

The Band

Musical Director, Keyboard and Guitar Tony Press
Piano Roger Noble
Clarinet and Alto Sax Rachel Mallett
Cello Frances Trappes-Lomax
Flute Pippa Simons
Guitar John Head
Percussion Mark Baker/Simon McDougall


Mother Goose Barry Foster
Jack (her son) Emma Jermy
Goosey Andrea Farrow
Lady Ringmaster Vicki Gale
Jill (her daughter) Rebecca Molloy
Coke (white clown) Lloyd Parfitt
Cola (coloured clown) Devon Boyd
Good Fairy Bonnie Wood
Uriah Neville Greenhalgh
Sir William Hareford Steve Bussey
Lady Agatha Hareford Becky Sprunt
Lord Charles Hareford Lewis Cook
Lade Agnes Hareford Rachel Woodier
Major General Hareford Josh Hamer
Tour Guide Sue Tuckwood

Circus Performers, Villagers, Tourists and Ancestors

Jonathan Ball Chloe Spinks Caroline Reynolds Matt Molloy
Lily Bussey Ellie Boyd Bethany Tuckwood Barbara Powell
Lauren Cooke Nancy Bussey Sarah Wyatt David Reynolds
Ellie Jermy Sophie Cooke June Bulcock Sarah Wright
Naomi Larner Becca Jermy Sandra Butler
Daniel Orford Rebekah Larner Tina Greenhalgh
Kate Rowe Kirstie Offord Emma Larkowsky

Circus Performers, Villagers and Fairies

Peter Emery Simon Larkowsky Caitlin Lovick Caroline Lovick
Elena Wyatt Victoria Woodier Thomas Wyatt


2008 Photographic Gallery (click on the photos to open up a larger image)

Previous Story

Hethersett Pantomime Group is well into their rehearsals for this year’s show, Mother Goose, which will take place in Hethersett Village Hall from Saturday 19th to Saturday 26th January. 

Tickets are selling well but are still available for many of the performances of this traditional pantomime that will also feature a few twists. 

Once again it has been written by Duncan Pigg, his 39th panto, and is directed by Sarah Wright. Duncan is remaining tight lipped about the content which he likes to keep as a surprise, although he has admitted that this year’s show includes a circus theme: 

“Everybody involved with the panto is really looking forward to it. We really do enjoy ourselves and money raised this year will go to the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service,” Duncan said. 

Last year’s production of Jack and the Beanstalk was outstanding for its Doctor Who and cyber-space settings with outstanding scenery and backdrops by Colin Wilson. Once again this year local GP Tony Press will be the musical director. 

Shows on the two Saturdays take place at 2.30 and  7.45 p.m and on Monday 21st to Friday 25th there will be one show nightly at 7.45 p.m. Tickets vary in price from £4.50 for the two Saturday matinees and Monday 21st to £5 for performances on January 19th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, £6 on Friday 25th and £7 on the final night. 

Tickets can be booked by telephoning Marie Stevenson on 01603 811005. They will also be available in Hethersett Library this Saturday morning from 10 a.m to midday.

Donations from the 2008 show

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service £2,500
Friends of Woodside School £300
Friends of Hethersett High School £300
PTA Hethersett Junior School £300
Hethersett St Remigius Church £300
Htehersett Methodist Church £300
Wymondham Roman Catholic Church £300
Great Melton Church £300
Hethersett and District Nursing Association £300
Hethersett Jubilee Youth Club £300
Hethersett Friendly Club £300