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Colourful Fun at Pantomime

To view a Picassa gallery of photos of the show click here


Colour, fun and a hint of naughtiness makes this yearís annual Hethersett village pantomime as successful as ever. 

From the rising of the first curtain to the falling of the last, the pantomime group pull out all the stops to provide an evening of excellent family entertainment with their latest version of Dick Whittington. 

The pantomimeís appeal comes as much in what goes wrong as in what goes right. The group has a wonderful ability to ad lib their way through mistakes with Neville Greenhalgh as the Dame, Sarah the Cook, and Barry Foster as Captain Barnacle raising continual laughter with their asides to the audience. 

Once again the panto has played to packed houses in Hethersett Village Hall and itís very easy to see why. Whittington is the 43rd village production in a long line that goes back to 1970 and it is the seventh time Dick has turned to become Lord Mayor of London. 

There was a nautical theme to this yearís panto with a radio controlled toy ship parading across the stage on numerous occasions. The stage was awash with colour and the excellent sets of Colin Wilson which are always a highlight in themselves. The role of Dick Whittington was played with a swagger by Rachel Woodier,  41 years after her mother Juliet Salter played the role in the villageís first Whittington in 1971.   

Colour is always one of the keys to the Hethersett production and there was no shortage this year thanks to myriad sailors, Londoners, islanders, rats and even a gorilla. Lloyd Parfitt was his usual charming self as Idle Jack and Lauren Cooke produced a beautiful performance as Alice Fitzwarren, proving that glamour, acting and singing can go together. 

Steve Bussey injected humour as Alderman Fitzwarren with a cheeky grin and a knowing wink and Ellie Jermy and Vicki Gale were truly good and evil in their contrasting roles as Fairy Bowbells and Queen Rat. Lewis Cook and Becky Sprout also added glamour as Captainís Mate and Queen Aurelia. 

Since 1970 the panto has raised over £76,000 for charity and this yearís bucket collection at the end of the performance will go to the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service which provides volunteer rescue doctors and paramedics who work alongside the East Anglian Ambulance Service at the scene of road accidents. 


Dick Whittington Rachel Woodier
Sarah the Cook Neville Greenhalgh
Idle Jack Lloyd Parfitt
Alice Fitzwarren Lauren Cooke
Alderman Fitzwarren Steve Bussey
Captain Barnacle Barry Foster
Tommy the Cat Kate Rowe
Fairy Bowbells Ellie Jermy
Queen Rat Vicki Gale
Captain's Mate Lewis Cook
Queen Aurelia Becky Sprunt
Princess Aureliane Kirstie Orford
Gorilla Andrea Farrow
Londoners, Islanders and Rats - Jono Angelo, June Bulcock, Barry Butler, Sandra Butler, Peter Emery, Emily Etheridge, Emma Larkowsky, Rebekah Larner, James Lawrence, Caitlin Lovick, Sue Tuckwood, Abby Waller, Ben Woodier, Sarah Wright
Children and Small Rats - Will Bussey, Jack Hamling, Rowan Hill, Nia Peres, Evie Sayers, Freya Scott, Emily Spencer, Lily Stibbon.
Script writer and producer Lloyd Parfitt
Director Sarah Wright
Musical Director Tony Press
Choreography Andrea Farrow and Kate Rowe
Stage Manager Malcolm Goldspink
St Design Colin Wilson
The Band:
Tony Press Musical Director and keyboards
Roger Noble Piano
Ceri Peterson Violin
Francis Trappes-Lomas Cello
John Head Guitar
Rachel Mallett Clarinet/Saxophone
Simon McDougall Percussion
Ross Anderson Bass Guitar
Charlie Robinson Flute

The pantomime raised £5,800 for local good causes with £2,700 being donated to the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service. This amount included £2,659.29 from the bucket collection at the end of each performance. Other donations made from money raised at Dick Whittington included: £1,000 to the Hethersett Scout and Guide Group for scout hut repairs, £1,000 to the Wymondham Dementia Support Group, £200 to the Friends of Woodside School, £200 for defibrillators of Little Melton School and Hethersett Junior School, £200 for a literacy project at Hethersett High School, £100 for a local gospel choir, and £50 for the St Remigius Church Flower Festival, Great Melton Church, Hethersett Methodist Church and Wymondham Roman Catholic Church.

Since 1970 the group has made donations of £81,800 to varius organisations and charities