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Poppy People Needed

The Royal British Legion is looking for volunteers to co-ordinate and run its annual Poppy Appeal in Hethersett. 

The village has been without a co-ordinator since 2006 and last year poppies were not on sale in the village. 

In 2006 Hethersett collected over £2,400 for the appeal. 

“We still need volunteers to help in villages such as Hethersett. We are living in troubled times and need funds to help with our work with ex servicemen and women returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and also with our pensioners, many of whom are living in poverty,” said Community Fund-raiser for the Royal British Legion, Erica Sayer. 

“We need to recruit a new generation of volunteers as the Poppy Appeal is as relevant today as it has always been. Volunteers are crucial to help organise and distribute poppies, collect on streets and in shops and workplaces and help count donations. We often hear of people who are disappointed that they have not seen any poppies in their area as in Hethersett last year. The only way to solve this problem is for more people to come forward and volunteer as Poppy People. We need to hear from willing people now so that we can ensure that we can fulfil everyone’s expectations when the appeal begins on 25th October,” Erica added. 

There are over 10.5 million people eligible for Legion assistance with over a million ex-service members of the armed living on less than £5000 per year.  One in six applications for assistance is received from ex-service men and women under 30 highlighting the need of those returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

The Royal British Legion receives more than 300,000 requests for help every year and provides emotional and financial welfare support for ex-service people and their dependants.   

“We urgently need more collectors than ever before to keep up with this demand and are asking people to consider whether they have a couple of hours to assist us in raising funds to continue our work with the ex-service and serving members of the armed forces.  At present there are just aren’t enough Poppy People on the streets to meet the demand for the estimated 36 million poppies distributed over the two weeks of the appeal,” Erica Sayer added. 

Anyone able to help with the collection in Hethersett can contact Erica Sayer on 01362 860667 or via e-mail at