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Treasure Found in Hethersett


On the left is Shane Hull with Radio Norfolk presenter Kirsteen Thorne and on the right they are joined by Hethersett Parish Council vice-chair Jacky Sutton

Radio Norfolk's Treasure Quest programme called in at Hethersett on July 1st, 2012, as the last stop on its popular Sunday morning programme.

Based loosely on the BBC programme Treasure Hunt (without the helicopter), the programme started in Filby and, amongst other places, visited Surlingham and Rocklands before being directed to Hethersett by a cryptic clue.

Presenter Kirsteen Thorne and the radio car were given the following cryptic clue as they left Surlingham:

"Just before "go" has one too many and the woman in front has one too few. At an alliterated letter added to everything, hold high their version and run your leg."

The programme soon worked out the destination as Hethersett from the first sentence - Just before go has one too many (taken from ready, GET SET, Go) to give Sett and the woman in front has one too few (taken from Heather without the a) to give Hether. This gave them Hethersett.

They then became confused about the second part of the clue. They realised it referred to Hethersett's own Olympic torch which was made to a design form Hethersett High School, but suggested locations included Hethersett Old Hall School, Hethersett Hall and eventually Hethersett Village Hall. The studio presenter admitted that he thought there was only one possible location for Hethersett Hall and not three!

Eventually the questers realised their destination was the Village Hall in Back Lane. They arrived with just a few minutes remaining to be met by Chair of Hethersett Olympic Committee and Hethersett Parish Councillor Shane Hull and vice-chair of Hethersett Parish Council Jacky Sutton.

Presenter Kirsteen Thorne completed the final lap of a relay with the Hethersett Torch in the village hall car park before finding the treasure which was inside the torch - a small Olympic themed key ring.

Shane Hull explained to listeners how the Hethersett Torch was produced:

"Am I allowed to say I prefer this to the Olympic torch," Kirsteen said.

"There are 8,000 copies of the Olympic torch but this is the one and only unique Hethersett torch," Shane Hull replied, explaining that Hethersett was having a "special spider visit" to mark all the effort put in by Hethersett in support of the London 2012 Olympics.

He also explained that the Hethersett Torch was made up of non copyrighted material including the village logo of a leaping deer, a non copyright version of the flame and the logo from Hethersett High School.

After being used as part of the village's Olympic celebrations, the Hethersett Torch will take up permanent residence in Hethersett Library.