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Press Releases 2009

23rd February

HETHERSETT Hawks / Swinton and Co have made their mark in Australia by their 9th place in the World Club Championships, missing out on the Semi-Finals by just two points.  Racing in the Reperchage event they finished second with 40 points but Wednesfield scored 42 in the other heat to take the last place in the Semi-Finals.  Greatest surprise came in heat 11 when 14-year-olf Tiffany Collins won a race beating two leading Great Britain senior riders.


 Result - Leicester 48, Hethersett 40, Gniezno (Poland) 35, Poole 35. Hethersett scorers: Jazz Abbott 11, David Martin 11 Ben Collins 10, Tiffany Collins 8.

Tiffany then raced in the Women's International Grand Prix and finished joint 5th after scoring 10 points.


Ben Collins featured in the only GB victory over Australia in the Junior Ashes series - he scored seven points in the fourth test which GB won 93-81. Jazz Abbott top scored with 12 points in the final test and he then went on to score 11 as second highest scorer in the Junior World Cup which Australia won 101-77. Jazz and Ben have both qualified for the World Junior Individual Semi-Finals.

26th February


Dave Martin and Hethersett-based Norwich rider Leigh Cossey led the scorers for Ireland in the Senior World Cup where they held off the challenge of Wales and Scotland to clinch fourth place behind Australia, Poland and England. 


Dave Martin qualified through heats to reach today's Semi-Finals of the World Championship.


Jazz\ Abbott and Ben Collins qualified for the World Junior Semi-Finals. Jazz scored 13 and missed out on the Final by one point. Ben scored 7 and finished joint 13th in his semi.  Seven Brits qualified for the Final.

3rd March

Riders from HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO have concluded their tour of Australia but were out of luck in the World Individual Championships.  Dave Martin was two points short of the qualifying mark for the Senior Semi-Finals while Ben Collins and Jazz Abbott were eliminated at the Semi-Final stage of the Junior event.


Collins and Abbott paired up for Hethersett in the World Club Junior Pairs Championship where they finished 7th in a match dominated by two Australian Clubs.

Scores - Salisbury 43, LeFevre 42, Sandwell 36, Findon 34, Sheffield 33, Poole 33, Hethersett 32, Murrayland 21


Back in the UK this week, Dave Martin will be representing Ireland in the Celtic Cup against Scotland, the first leg being staged at Eaton Park on Sunday.

10th March

With the new season only one week away Hethersett Hawks / Swinton & Co have re-signed a double British Champion to boost their chances in the South-East League.  Phil Howells started his career as a teenager at Spixworth but joined Hethersett in 2000 when he moved to the village. In that year he took the country by storm by winning the British Senior title at Norwich. He stayed with the Hawks for five more seasons, regaining his British title in 2003, before taking a break from the sport to concentrate on his business and young family. 


He recently raced in the Premier League for Leicester while having occasional outings for Hethersett on a secondary licence but this year has made the move from Leicester back to the Hawks. It is hoped Phil will be a regular in the Hawks' blue shirts along with other new signing, former British Junior Champion Nick Myhill. Hethersett open their South-East campaign at Ipswich on Sunday 22nd.


Meanwhile the Hawks' Dave Martin scored 9 points for Ireland in their Celtic Cup 68-60 defeat by Scotland at Eaton Park, Norwich.

24th March

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO opened their 44th season with an exciting South-East League match at Ipswich.  The Hawks looked rusty at the start and trailed by eight points after just five heats.  They kept their cool and battled to keep in touch and took advantage of an Ipswich exclusion in heat 9 with Dan Chambers and Phil Howells taking a 7-2 win. Heat 11 made the home side take note as Jazz Abbott drove under England international Dan Pike. Both riders came down which allowed Ben Collins to race by for a win.  The other Ipswich rider had a machine failure so the 6-3 win put the Hawks level. Some great teamwork and gritty riding, notably by Harley Hamill, kept the scores level going into the last heat.  Ipswich tracked their best two riders and, although Abbott managed to split them, the home narrowly won the match by two points.


IPSWICH 90 HETHERSETT 88 - Hethersett - P.Howells 17, P.Adams 14 J.Abbott 13 D.Martin 11 B.Collins 10 Dan Chambers 9 H.Hamill 6


In the Division 2 match Hethersett B had too much strength for the home side with Dan Chambers and Harley Hamill riding well as a pair and Phil Adams dropping just one point.  There were some rousing rides by Dave Chambers later in the match that ensured a 10-point victory.


IPSWICH B 75 HETHERSETT B 85 - Hethersett - P.Adams 19 D.Adams 17 Dan Chambers 17 H.Hamill 15 Dave Chambers 9 A.Johnson 6 M.Perkins 2


This Sunday Hawks riders will be back at Ipswich for the first South-East Grand Prix and on Tuesday the Club starts its regular Club Nights to which newcomers are welcome (6.30)

31st March

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO had nine riders competing in the South-East Grand Prix Series Round 1 at Ipswich.  They had successes at Under-16 and Under-19 level.  Dan Chambers was unbeaten in all his rides to win the Under-16 event in which Scott Grimes won the B Final to finish fifth, Axl Johnson came 8th and Carly Grimes 10th.  Most excitement came in the Under-19s where the Adams brothers Dave and Phil were in direct opposition.  Phil fell while leading his first race and the incident led to Dave ending in the fence so by the time they lined up in the Final the rivalry was more tense than usual.  It was Phil who got the upper hand on this occasion producing a superb pass on the third lap to win the round.  Three Hawks rode in the Vets category and Dave Chambers looked in good form to finish fourth.  Close behind were Tim Grimes (5th) and Mel Perkins (6th).


This Saturday the Hawks stage the first round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League and can expect up to 70 youngsters from all over the South-east. Racing starts at 1 p.m. and on Sunday the Hawks entertain Kesgrave at the Memorial Playing Field starting at 2 p.m.

7th April

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO opened their defence of their Norfolk & Suffolk League title with a visit of a strong looking Kesgrave side.  Even without former British Champion Phil Howells they completed swamped the Suffolk side, especially with determination and superior tactics on the first bend.  Three of the 18 heats were drawn but Hethersett won all the rest to romp to an impressive 114-65 victory.  Nick Myhill and Dan Chambers were unbeaten while Dave Martin and Jazz Abbott were also on top form.



N.Myhill 19 D.Martin 17 J.Abbott 17 B.Collins 14 S.Wilcox 13 P.Adams 12 Dan Chambers 10 D.Adams 7 H.Hamill 4 Dave Chambers 1


Kesgrave are the only "A" side in Division 2 of the South-East League so were able to track the same riders while Hethersett B had five restricted.  However, the Division Two champions were not phased by this and took the initiative with two 7-3 wins in the first four heats. They had a couple of breaks which allowed them to retain their lead but also some determined riding by Harley Hamill and a maximum from Daviid Adams led them to victory.  Tim Grimes also exploited some gaps well to win two races in style.



Dan Chambers 18 D.Adams 17 P.Adams 14 H.Hamill 12 T.Grimes 11 Dave Chambers 7 C.Grimes 3 A.Johnson 2


The Hawks successfully staged a very busy Regional Round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League with 74 riders arriving to compete.  The Hawks' older juniors rallied the team into third place but they will need to recruit a lot of 6-12 year-olds if they want to compete with Ipswich and Kesgrave.  There were successes for Hethersett in three age group Grand Prix with Dan Chambers (U16) Jazz Abbott (U18) and Carly Grimes (Girls) winning their events.



S.Grimes 15 J.Abbott 15 T.Collins 14 B.Collins 12 O.Forder-Wilcox 11 H.Hamill 10 D.Chambers 10 C.Grimes 10 P.Adams 9 N.Hamill 6 K.Adams 6 A.Johnson 5 O.Nicholas 4


Next racing for the Hawks is on Sunday 19th April at home to Gt.Blakernham

21st April

On the 43rd anniversary of the first match at the Memorial Playing Field, HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO fielded their strongest team on paper for many a year against South-East League Champions Gt.Blakenham. The visitors had the better of early heats before a rousing 7-3 by Nick Myhill and Phil Adams brought the sides level. Phil Adams fell when well-placed to give Blakenham a slender two point lead at the break but there was more bad luck to follow when David Adams fell in the next heat and impeded his partner only to be followed immediately by snapped handlebars and a nasty fall for Phil Howells. An 11-point deficit against such a strong tactical side was too much of a challenge although a 7-2 from Simon Wilcox and the brilliant Nick Myhill  restored the Hawks pride.



N.Myhill 18 P.Howells 15 J.Abbott 11 D.Martin 11 S.Wilcox 8 B.Collins 7 P.Adams 7 D.Adams 4 Dan Chambers 2.


Blakenham tracked two restricted riders in the Division Two match so gave the Hawks' B team a 30-point advantage.  Hethersett did not make the best of the opportunity and failed to score any points off the two next best Blakenham riders.  Dave Adams rode particularly well with some excellent teamwork and the Adams brothers did score one 7-3.  They came out together in the last race needing a win to save the match and sheer determination saw them both pass the experienced Jason Ashford but his partner was away to secure a narrow victory - the first Hethersett loss at this level for two years.



P.Adams 17 D.Adams 11 C.Grimes 11 Dan Chambers 10 H.Hamill 8 S.Grimes 7


This Saturday Hethersett riders travel to Ipswich for the second round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League and on Sunday stage the first leg of the South-East U14 and U10 Leagues at the Memorial Playing Field (13.00).  Next Wednesday Hethersett stage the prestigious Norfolk Senior Championship, an event that has been staged annually since the 1950s. (19.00)

28th April

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO took ten riders to Ipswich for the second round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League and finished in fourth place.  There were successes for the Hawks in the Grand Prix competition with Scott Grimes (U14) and Philip Adams (U18) winning their age groups.


IPSWICH 344 KESGRAVE 323.5 GT.BLAKENHAM 125.5 HETHERSETT 106 COLCHESTER 50 NORWICH 15 (P.Adams 16 S.Grimes 14 H.Hamill 14 T.Collins 11 O.Forder-Wilcox 11D.Chambers 10 C.Grimes 10 A.Johnson 8 B.Swallow 8 K.Adams 4)


In the new South-East Fours Leagues Hethersett finished third in the U14s and fourth in the U10s when the first round was staged at Hethersett.  Scott Grimes and Axl Johnson were impressive.


U14 - IPSWICH 61 KESGRAVE 44 HETHERSETT 35 GT.BLAKENHAM 33 COLCHESTER 19 (S.Grimes 14 A.Johnson 11 J.Abbott 5 K.Adams 5)

U10 - GT.BLAKENHAM 53 KESGRAVE 49 IPSWICH 45 HETHERSETT 26 COLCHESTER 19 (O.Forder-Wilcox 9 N.Hamill 6 E.Syer 6 O.Nicholas 5)


Dan Chambers won the U16s and David Adams the combined Senior/U19s/Vets categories at the first Norfolk Grand Prix of the season at Harford Park.


This Saturday the Hawks look to go one better than last year when they came runners-up in the British U19 Club Championship.  Saturday's event is at Hull, a new venue for the Hawks.


On Sunday racing returns to the Memorial Playing Field with the Hawks facing Ipswich in two matches, commencing at 2.00.

5th May

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO have had a busy but successful period which started with Dave Martin winning his third Norfolk Senior title in an exciting final at Hethersett.  Pre-match favourite Nick Myhill was superbly passed by Jazz Abbott to dent his chances so when Martin met Myhill in the last race he just needed a second-place to take the title and finish one point ahead of his three closest rivals. The race-off to decide second and third places was won by Myhill but the drama was not over as Abbott passed Norwich's Ian Grange on the line to make a first-ever 1-2-3 for Hethersett in this event.  Phil Adams also qualified for the East Anglian final.


At Hull the Hawks' Under-19 side repeated their second place of last year in the British Club Championship after leading the final at one stage. In the end failure to win more than two races, and none from the inside grid, saw them finish behind a strong Birmingham side.



Wednesfield 49 Hethersett 49 Hull 41 Horspath 32 Ipswich 28. Hethersett scorers -  D. Adams 13, P. Adams 12, J. Abbott 11, B. Collins 7, D. Chambers 6.



Birmingham 45 Hethersett 39 Sheffield 38 Wednesfield 32. Hethersett scorers - J. Abbott 11, O. Adams 9, D. Adams 9, B. Collins 5, D. Chambers 5



The next day Hethersett entertained Ipswich for two matches. In a cracking Norfolk & Suffolk League match in which the lead continually changed hands, the Hawks snatched victory with a Nick Myhill / Phil Howlells 6-4 in the final heat.  However, it was determined riding by Ben Collins, Simon Wilcox and David Adams that kept them in with a chance.


Hethersett 89 Ipswich 88.

Hethersett scorers - N.Myhill 17, J.Abbott 15, D.Martrin 15, P.Howells 13, S.Wilcox 11, D.Adams 7, B.Collins 7, H.Hamill 4.


With top rider Dan Chambers injured at Hull the Hawks were no match for Ipswich in the South-East Youth League match though tough riding by Harley Hamill and two wins from Scott Grimes kept the score respectable.


Hethersett U16 71 Ipswich U16 87


Hethersett scorers - H..Hamill 19, S.Grimes 16, C.Grimes 13, A.Johnson 10,T.Collins 8, K.Adams 5.


This Saturday the Hawks put out a Women's team for the first time in the British Club Championships in Lancashire while on Sunday Hawks riders will be taking part in Grand Prix action at Kesgrave.


12th May


HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO were hit by injury in their first venture into the British Women's Club Championship.  Charlie Johnson suffered a serious arm injury in training so the team travelled to Astley in Lancashire with just three riders instead of four. However, they started well with Tiffany Collins winning heat 1 and second-places for Carly Grimes and Katie Adams.  They battled well and gave a good account of themselves to finish fifth, Tiffany winning the last race in fine style.


(T.Collins 15 C.Grimes 12 K.Adams 9)


Four Hawks travelled to Kesgrave for the South-East Grand Prix and David Adams was unbeaten to win the U19 section ahead of his brother Phil. Dave Chambers finished third in the Veterans section.


This weekend Hethersett are at Colchester on Saturday in the British Youth & Junior League and at East London on Sunday in the South-East League.


19th May


HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO took under-strength teams to East London but came back with two comfortable victories.  The home side had six veterans in their first-team and the younger Hawks stretched their stamina. 7-3 wins from Dave Martin / Phil Adams and David Adams / Simon Wilcox in heats 2 and 3 plus another from the Martn / Adams pairing in heat 7 put the Hawks 16 up at the interval.  Two harsh exclusions for David Adams and Nick Myhill prevented the Hawks making it to 100 points. Martin and Myhill dropped just one point each while Ben Collins have an excellent performance.



(D.Martin 18 P.Adams 16 N.Myhill 15 B.Collins 14 D.Adams 11 S.Wilcox 10 H.Hamill 8 Dave Chambers 4 S.Grimes 3)


In the B team match a 7-3 from Tiffany Collins and Phil Adams in heat 5 opened up and early 6-point lead and the three heat-leaders gave the Londoners little opportunity to claw it back supported by some improved riding by Scott Grimes. David Adams scored a maximum.



( D.Adams 20 H.Hamill 18 P.Adams 17 S.Grimes 12 C.Grimes 9 T.Collins 6 Dave Chambers 2 M.Perkins 1)


Hethersett took just six riders to the British Youth & Junior League Round 3 at Colchester but still came back with three trophies after Scott Grimes (U14) Dan Chambers (U16) and Phil Adams (U18) all won their categories in the Grand Prix Finals.



(P.Adams 16 S.Grimes 14 C.Grimes 12 D.Chambers 12 K.Adams 9 O.Forder-Wilcox 7)


In the Norfolk Grand Prix round at Eaton Park Ben Collins came second in the older category with Harley Hamill was fourth in the U16s and Liam Banthorpe impressed to finish third in the Novice event.


This Sunday the Hawks entertain Gt.Blakenham for two matches starting at 2.00 

26th May

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO had three key riders unavailable for their Norfolk & Suffolk League match at home to the strong Gt.Blakenham side and found the going tough.  They were not helped by two machine failures, a  fall and an exclusion but a 7-3 win from Harley Hamill and Nick Myhill in heat 15 did reduce the deficit to 11 points. That turned out to be the only home heat win of the match.  Phil Howells and Myhill won a couple of races each but Blakenham looked a very strong outfit.


HETHERSETT 79 GT.BLAKENHAM 98 (P.Howells 15 N.Myhill 15 Jazz Abbott 12 D.Adams 9 S.Wilcox 9 Dan Chambers 7 H.Hamill 7 Dave Chambers 5)


Both sides tracked some young and inexperienced riders in the South-east Youth League match and Hethersett's Reece Crowe made a dream debut with a win in his first race assisted by Dan Chambers while hard-riding by Harley Hamill and sensible teamwork by Carly Grimes saw Hethersett ease home to victory.


HETHERSETT U16 83 GT.BLAKENHAM U16 72 (Dan Chambers 20 H.Hamill 18 C.Grimes 15 Jaie Abbott 11 R.Crowe 11 K.Adams 8)


Hethersett riders finished 1-2-3 in the Norfolk U19 Championship at Spixworth with Ben Collins being crowned Norfolk Champion after passing rival Phil Adams in a race-off.  Third place in the event went to Dan Chambers with Carly Grimes also qualifying for the East Anglian Final.


This Sunday the Club's U10 and U14 teams are in action at Ipswich.

1st June

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO  travelled to Ipswich in the second leg of the South East U10 & U14 Leagues but had to track incomplete teams due to unavailability and finished last in both events.  Scott Grimes won three races and Oliver Forder-Wilcox one to give the Hawks' supporters something to cheer on the day.

U10 - KESGRAVE 54 GT.BLAKENHAM 49 IPSWICH 43 COLCHESTER 30 HETHERSETT 16 (O.Forder-Wilcox 11 N.Hamill 5)



This Saturday Hawks junior riders will be at Gt.Blakenham in the final regional round of the British Youth & Junior League while on Sunday the senior squad are off to Sheffield in the British Team Championship, the sport's equivalent of the FA Cup.

8th June

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO reached the Quarter-Finals of the British Team Championships for the first time in eight years when they defeated Premier League club Sheffield in atrocious conditions in Yorkshire. Heavy rain left puddles on the track but the Hawks got off to the best possible start with a Dave Martin / Phil Adams 7-3 win in heat 1. Martin teamed up with Harley Hamill for another 7-3 win in heat 5 and Dan Chambers / Ben Collins got another maximum win to put the visitors 14 points up at the interval.  At this point the heavens opened again but the Hawks were determined to see the match through and get the victory they thoroughly deserved.  Collins and David Adams produced some good supportive teamwork and Martin went on to record four straight wins before giving the young reserves additional rides in the final heat.  The Hawks have been drawn away against the only other non-Premier League team left in the competition, Stoke.


SHEFFIELD 79 HETHERSETT 101- (D.Martin 16 P.Adams 15 P.Howells 14 B.Collins 13 J.Abbott 13 D.Adams 11 D.Chambers 11 H.Hamill 8)


Hethersett took 11 riders to Gt.Blakenham for the final regional round of the British Youth & Junior League, sufficient to secure fourth place on the day.  Individually Dan Chambers won the U16 Grand Prix with Scott Grimes (U14), Harley Hamill (U16), Phil Adamns and Ben Collins (U18), and Carly Grimes and Tiffany Collins (Girls) also reaching finals.


IPSWICH 350 KESGRAVE 324 GT.BLAKENHAM 187 HETHERSETT 106 COLCHESTER 97 NORWICH 12 - (S.Grimes 15 D.Chambers 13 O.Forder-Wilcox 11 T.Collins 11 K.Adams 10 P.Adams 10 B.Collins 10 R.Crowe 8 C.Grimes 7 H.Hamill 7 O.Nicholas 4)


In the Norfolk Grand Prix Round 3 staged at Hethersett Norwich riders won all three categories with Harley Hamill the best home rider finishing second in the U16s

15th June

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO had five riders competing in the Carmichaels Norfolk U16 Championship at Eaton Park.  Harley Hamill came very close to his first title as he dropped just one point to earn a race-off with home rider Joshua Colby.  Colby won the toss for gate positions and that proved enough as Hamill was unable to get on terms and pose a real threat.  Dan Chambers dropped just two points having fallen challenging Hamill when they met and he too was unlucky with the coin toss in a race-off for third place overall.  Again a home rider, Kieran Parr, made the best of his advantage. Hamill and Chambers will be joined by Scott and Carly Grimes in the East Anglian Final having finished in the top eight at Eaton Park.


This Sunday Hethersett riders will be at Colchester in a South-East Grand Prix.

29th June

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO entertained Ipswich in the South-East League and recorded a 40-point victory over a below-strength Suffolk side.  Dave Martin and Nick Myhill remained unbeaten and the whole team used the match to build up their confidence for this Sunday's tough British Team Championship Quarter-Final away at Stoke.  Ipswch were restricted to just one heat winner.


HETHERSETT 109 IPSWICH 69 - (D.Martin 20 N.Myhill 17 P.Howells 17 D.Adams 13 P.Adams 12 B.Collins 11 Dan Chambers 10 S.Wilcox 9)


In the Division 2 match Hethersett were without injured Harley Hamill and this just proved too big a handicap. Dan Chambers led from the front with a 24-point maximum but a 7-3 reverse in heat 8 put Ipswich in front and they defended this doggedly until the end. HETHERSETT B 79 IPSWICH B 81

(Dan Chambers 24 D.Adams 18 P.Adams 14 S.Grimes 11 C.Grimes 7 Dave Chambers 5)


In the South-east Grand Prix at Colchester three Hethersett riders took part and they all won their categories - Dan Chambers (U16) Phil Adams (U19) and Dave Chambers (Vets).  Dan Chambers also was a winner in the Norfolk U16 Grand Prix at Spixworth.


There was success for Hethersett in the Deborah Mitteell Memorial Pairs event at Somersham with David Adams and Ben Collins finishing third after Adams beat Andy Turnbull from Kesgrave in  a race-off.


As well as the long trip to Stoke on Sunday, seven Hawks riders have qualified to be at Eaton Park on Saturday for the first National Round of the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League.


6th July

The dream of HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO to reach the Final of the British Team Championship was shattered on Sunday when they went out at the quarter-final stage at Stoke.  In very basic surroundings and against a very intimidating home side, the Hawks failed to get to grips with a tricky circuit and too often in the first half were passed by the home riders.  Luck was not with the Hawks either for they suffered broken equipment and a harsh exclusion as well.  18 points down at the break, the Hawks were determined to go out with pride and the second half was lost by only four points. Nick Myhill and Phil Howells led the side well while others struggled.


STOKE 100 HETHERSETT 78 - (N.Myhill 15 P.Howells 15 P.Adams 11 B.Collins 11 D.Chambers 9 D.Martin 6 J.Abbott 6 D.Adams 5)


In the Grand Prix Series linked to the Wosskow Brown British Youth & Junior League eight Hethersett riders took part in National Round 1 at Eaton Park.  Scott Grimes was in good form to finish third in the U14 category.  Tiffany Collins also reached the A Final in the Girls category but the final could not be staged due to bad light.  It will now be staged witht Round 2 at Sandwell in August.


Reece Crowe continues to show great promise in his debut season and won a race-off to take second place in the Norfolk U13 Championships at Harford Park.  He will be joined by Oliver Forder-Wilcox and Katie Adams who both qualified for the East Anglian Final.


This Saturday Hethersett will be trying to make it a hat-trick of wins when they defend their British U16 Club Championship in Newport while on Sunday the Hawks' U10 and U14 teams are in League action at Kesgrave.

13th July

HETHERSETT HAWKS / SWINTON & CO travelled to Newport, South Wales to defend their British U16 Club Championship but, despite a concerted effort by the team, they missed qualification for the final by the narrowest of margins.  The winners of the three semi-finals plus the highest scoring runner-up qualified and, racing in the third semi, Hethersett knew they had to win or score 46 points to at least equal Sandwell.  In the first half they had scored 25 and were leading but an unlucky fall for Scott Grimes meant he finished fourth despite a desperate chase.  Dan Chambers was in brilliant form, winning all of his races, and Harley Hamill dropped just one point while Carly Grimes worked really hard and was unlucky not to score more.  In the end Ipswich won the match by two points and Hethersett scored 45, one short of their target.

IPSWICH 47 HETHERSETT 45 WEDNESFIELD 35 SHEFFIELD 28 - (D.Chambers 16 H.Hamill 15 S.Grimes 9 C.Grimes 5)

In the South-East U10 & U14 Leagues Hethersett were again short of team members but the U14s rode well to finish above Colchester in the third round at Kesgrave. Scott Grimes won three races and both Reece Crowe and Katie Adams scored vital minor placings.  In the U10s both Oliver Forder-Wilcox and Nolrton Hamill tried hard.

U10 - KESGRAVE 58 GT BLAKENHAM 51 IPSWICH 37 COLCHESTER 32 HETHERSETT 14 - (O.Forder-Wilcox 10 N.Hamill 4)

U14 - IPSWICH 55 KESGRAVE 46 GT.BLAKENHAM 40 HETHERSETT 28 COLCHESTER 25 - (S.Grimes 13 R.Crowe 8 K.Adams 7)

The Breckland Autos Hethersett Charity Cup produced some exciting racing and a surprise winner in Craig Norton from Norwich.  He scored 17 points with Somersham's Gary Brown runner-up with 16.  A race-off was required to decide third place with three riders each scoring 15 and it was previous holder Josh Brooke from Ipswich who saw off home challengers from David Adams and Dave Martin.

This Sunday Hethersett travel to Gt.Blakenham in South-East League action and next Wednesday they stage the Norfolk U10 Championship (7.00)