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Rootfinder Celebrations - posted 29th September 2011

The fascinating exhibition in St Remigius Church under the Rootfinder banner is thought provoking and challenging both from an aesthetic and a spiritual point of view.

Parish records from Hethersett and the Meltons are available to browse, but it is the art work that is the highlight of the display.

At times almost dark and even sinister its message is still one of hope. Martin Dring has produced modern triptychs alongside some very interesting and original panel work from his life. Alongside this is more traditional art from local artists including Martin's sister Karen and  Stephen Collett and work on the theme of families by pupils of Hethersett Junior School and AS level work from Hethersett Old Hall School.

You can get a flavour of the display by clicking here  to see an album of photographs.

There are fascinating facts at every turn. An archive from Great Melton paints a very sad story from 1840. The registers show that brothers  David and William Bloom died within two months of each other in desperately sad circumstances:

"The rector of the day records the causes of death and that was something that was never done, so they must have been greatly moved by the circumstances," Rector of Hethersett the Rev Di Lammas said.

David Bloom was accidentally drowned in a pit on 30th June, 1840, aged 15. His brother William was killed in the harvest field on 17th August, 1840, after being trampled on by the horse from which he fell. William was 11 years of age.

Prebendary Graham Claydon has on display a massive 15 feet long family tree that traces his ancestry back to the 8th Century and to Kings and Queens and nobility.

There are various interpretations in art work on the theme of memory and one of the most potent images is of a slave breaking free from his chains. Martin Dring has even produced a multi media display to simulate his experiences camping as an air cadet in North Wales in 1987.

Members of the public are also encouraged to contribute drawings to a massive community sheet.

© Peter Steward 2011


Special article written by Rector of Hethersett the Rev Di Lammas posted 13th September, 2011

We have a special nine days coming up at the end of the month based on the way many people these days are investigating their family trees. We have an expert in this, Prebendary Graham Claydon, with us for a while and he'll be speaking at various events and with ex Hethersett resident Martin Dring, and their friend, Rob Elliott, will be encouraging folk to do some research and to think about their spiritual roots and their route through life. As you can see, it's all a play on words!

St Remigius, Hethersett, Rootfinder Celebration is designed to help people focus on their family roots, their spiritual roots and their route through life.

Members of the team will visit school and other groups including the Jubilee Youth Group who are being encouraged to do some filming which will be shown in the morning service on Sunday 2nd October.


Saturday 24th September to Sunday 2nd October

There will be an art exhibition in St Remigius Church including work by pupils of Hethersett Junior School and some local artists. We are also inviting local art groups and individuals to come into church to draw and paint whilst enjoying the light and ambience of the building.
All other events in church will take place within the Art exhibition. Light refreshments will be available each day

Saturday 24th September

9 am Who do you Think You Are Breakfast at Hethersett Methodist Church. This event is open to all. Those interested should sign up in St Remigius or Hethersett Methodist Church to ensure enough food!

Sunday 25th September

Back to Church Sunday - 10.30 a.m Harvest Festival Service with speaker Prebendary Graham Claydon. Gifts of long lasting fresh produce, jars, tins, packets (in date please) Choc bars, biscuits etc (individually wrapped) Plain dark scarves & gloves and new flipflops for the work of Norwich Night Shelter & The Street Pastors would be appreciated

6.30pm Harvest Songs of Praise and finger buffet supper.

Saturday 1st October

9.30 am-5 pm ARCHIVES ON VIEW. Display of our selected registers from Norfolk County Archives and you can browse Hethersett, Great Melton & Little Melton baptism, marriage and burial registers going back to early last century. We will also have links to the Hethersett Archive
materials available. A wonderful opportunity to come and explore your family roots. Experts will be around to help.

7.30 pm ST REMIGIUS’ DAY - COME AND PARTY! One St Remigius members has a birthday, she’s bringing a loaves and fishes theme to the food but you’re welcome to turn up in church with any plate of savoury or sweet food to add to the buffet plus a bottle of wine, or a four pack or bottle/carton of juice/soft drink. AN EVENING OF FUN FOR EVERYONE - NOT
A FUND RAISER! Guest appearance of local group: “Let the Folk Out”

Sunday 2nd October

10.30 am Rootfinder Praise
6.30 pm Sung Eucharist

Graham Claydon, Martin Dring and Rob Elliott are around the whole time, speaking at various services and events.