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Send My Sister to School Campaign

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon and Year Tutor Pete Johnson with the work of Year Seven pupils


Year Seven pupils from Hethersett High School are urging countries throughout the world to send more children to school.

The Hethersett youngsters are particularly focusing on girls as part of their support for the Send My Sister to School campaign. It is estimated that there are still 75 million children not receiving formal education in the world - over half of which are girls.

The High School pupils have enlisted the help of South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon who has promised to take their pleas to Westminster and Prime Minister David Cameron.

At a special assembly on June 24th, youngsters outlined the need for better education in many Third World and other countries and presented Mr Bacon with posters, messages and projects in support of their views.

Pupils gave examples of young girls being denied schooling and pointed out the economic advantages for countries that adopt regular education. They voiced their support for a campaign that aims to achieve proper education for all children in the world by 2015.

Acting Head of Hethersett High School Mike Masters said that he was impressed by the enthusiasm and the acceptance by the pupils of the importance of proper education "You are the future and you are the people who can make the changes," he said.

Richard Bacon said the work of the pupils was "most impressive."

"Sometimes we take education and going to school for granted in our country. For many people in the world education is still not a right," Mr Bacon said adding that improved global education led to the creation of stronger economies and the campaign to see children educated throughout the world had the full support of the British Government.

"I will be taking your messages back to the Prime Minister and other Ministers to make them aware of your work and your feelings," he said.

High School governor Anne Steward also praised the work:

"It is an important message that you young people are giving to us adults about what is important in the world," she said.