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Tony Smith


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Richard Ellis


Hethersett and Tas Valley Cricket Club Constitution 

1.              NAME 

The name of the club is Hethersett & Tas-Valley Cricket Club, hereafter to be             referred to as the club and the club shall be affiliated to the England and Wales   Cricket Board through the Norfolk Cricket Board..


To foster and promote the sport of cricket at all levels within the community and within the sport, provide opportunities for recreation, social intercourse, coaching and  competition. 

To ensure that all members, playing and non-playing, abide by the ECB/NCB code of Conduct which incorporates the Spirit of Cricket and the Laws of Cricket. 

To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club by adopting and implementing the ECB safe hands - Crickets Policy for Safeguarding Children and any future versions of the Policy. 

To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club by adopting and implementing the ECB Cricket Equity Policy and any future versions of the Policy. 

To encourage all members to participate fully in the activities of the club. 

3.            MEMBERSHIP 

Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport of cricket on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.  However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non discriminatory basis. 

The club may have different classes of membership and subscription on a non discriminatory and fair basis.  The club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.  

Application for membership of the club shall be by completion of a membership application form and by payment of the relevant subscription. 

4.            SUBSCRIPTIONS 

The annual subscription for members shall be fixed by a General Meeting of the Club and shall be due on the first day of May each year. 

If any member shall fail to pay his/her subscription within 28 days after it has become due the Secretary shall send him/her a notice in writing to his/her address as recorded in the books of the club calling upon him/her to pay the sum within fourteen days.  If he/she fails to pay his/her subscription the committee shall be entitled to terminate his/her membership without further notice. 

The Club Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the club or cricket into disrepute.  Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to the Committee (see rule 11, conduct of members) 

All members will be subject to the regulations of the Constitution and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and any codes of conduct that the club has adopted.  The Constitution shall identify those members eligible to vote at any General Meetings. 


There shall be 5 classes of membership available.  These are; 

         Full Member

         Junior Member (Under 18 years of age at the beginning of the current year)

         Non-playing Member

         Family Member

         Honorary/Life Member 

A list of members in each category shall be maintained by the Secretary of the club. 


The management of the Club shall be entrusted to a committee consisting of the Chairman, (Honorary) Secretary, (Honorary) Treasurer, (Honorary), Club Welfare Officer (Honorary) and eight other officers of the Club elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. 

The committee shall have power at any time and from time to time to fill any casual vacancy among the officers and committee.  Any officer or member of the committee so appointed shall hold office only until the next following annual general meeting but shall then be eligible for re-election. 

The committee will take all financial decisions necessary through the year, subject to ratification by a general meeting for sums in excess of 1000. 

If the nature of any of the business of the Club affects other areas or persons the Committee must enter into full negotiations with interested parties as appropriate and receive agreement and approval before proceeding.


The Committee has the power to; 

   Acquire and provide grounds, equipment, coaching, training and playing facilities, clubhouse, transport, medical and related facilities.

   Provide coaching, training, medical treatment, and related social and other facilities.

   Take out any insurance for club, contractors, players, guests and third parties.

   Raise funds by appeals, subscriptions, loans and charges.

   Borrow money and give security for the same, and open bank accounts.

   Buy, lease or licence property and sell, let or otherwise dispose of the same.

   Make grants and loans and give guarantees and provide other benefits.

   Set aside funds for special purposes or as reserves.

   Invest funds in any lawful manner.

   Employ and engage staff and others and provide services.

   Co-operate with or affiliate firstly to any bodies regulating or organizing the sport of cricket and secondly any club or body involved with cricket and thirdly with government and related agencies.

   Do all other things reasonably necessary to advance the aims and objectives in a       manner consistent with the rules and the general law. 

NONE of the above powers may be used other than to advance the aims and objectives in a manner consistent with the rules and general law. 

6.            MEETINGS 

The committee shall meet at least five times each year and at all meetings of the committee five members shall form a quorum. 

An annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of November each year and 15 months shall not elapse without an Annual General Meeting.  At the Annual General Meeting the following business shall be conducted: 

(i) The presentation and (if accepted) the passing of the accounts for the previous financial year ending on the 30th September prior to the meeting, which accounts shall first have been examined by an independent examiner.

(ii) The election of the committee and officers.

(iii) The election of an independent examiner.

(iv) Such other business as shall have been communicated to the Secretary and included in the notice of the meeting sent by him/her to the members. 

The Secretary shall at least fourteen days before any general meeting send to every member at his/her address as recorded in the clubs books notice of the meeting stating the time when and the place where it will be held and the business to be conducted.   

The business at a general meeting shall be limited to that provided by the rules and those further matters set out in the notice convening the meeting. The quorum at any meeting shall be 10. 

At all meetings of the club each member shall have one vote. 

An extraordinary general meeting may be convened at any time and shall be convened within twenty-one days on the requisition of either the Committee or members of the Club (by either 20 members or one-fifth of the total number of members whichever is the less). 

The Chairman of the Club shall preside at all meetings of the Club but if he/she shall not be present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed for the meeting or has signalled his/her inability to be present at the meeting the members present shall choose one of their number to be Chairman at the meeting. 

The Honorary Secretary, if present, or some other member nominated by the meeting, shall take minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Club. 




The Treasurer shall cause to be kept such accurate and proper books of account as will enable him/her at every Annual General Meeting, or any other time as may be required by the Committee upon reasonable notice, to present to the Club a full and accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club. 

Full accounts of the financial affairs of the club duly examined by an independent examiner shall be delivered to every member with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting. 

The Treasurer shall ensure the that the club maintains adequate and appropriate insurance to cover the activities of the club. 

All cheques paid by the Club shall be signed by the treasurer plus up to two officers. 

No money or property of the Club or any gain arising from the carrying on of the club shall be applied otherwise than for the benefit of the club as a whole. 


Intoxicating liquor shall be supplied on the Club premises to members, their guests duly signed in according to rule 10, and visitors fulfilling rule 9; those in all these categories to be over the age of eighteen.  Licensing hours shall be as granted by South Norfolk District Council.

The supply to the Club of intoxicating liquor shall be under the sole control of the committee, or appointed sub-committee, who shall arrange for the purchase of it on behalf of the Club and shall secure the due observance of the provisions of the Licensing Act 1964 and all other acts relating to it, and of any conditions attached to any licence held by or on behalf of the Club for the supply of intoxicating liquor or to any registration certificate granted in respect of the Club premises. The committee may appoint a sub-committee from amongst its members to undertake these duties. 

No person shall at any time be entitled to receive at the expense of the Club or any member thereof any commission percentage or similar payment on or with reference to purchases of intoxicating liquor by the club; nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of any             intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the club to members or guests apart from any benefit which a person derives indirectly by reason of the supply giving rise to   or contributing to a general gain from the carrying on of the club. 


Persons other than members or their guests may be admitted to the registered premises of the Club on such occasions and at times as the committee at its discretion shall permit and provided that such persons are either: 

A bona fide members or supporter of a visiting team taking part in any game, competition or sporting activity on the Club premises, OR 

Attending a private function organised by a Member of the Club, who is present at that function, provided that the function is in connection with any special celebration in which that member has a personal interest, for example a wedding anniversary, birthday, retirement party etc, OR 

Attending a function organised by the Club, or a bona fide organisation as a result of the hiring of the premises, provided that no more than twelve such functions shall be held in any one calendar year.  The Justices Chief Executive at South Norfolk District Council and the Licensing Officer of Norwich Police are to be notified not later than seven days before any such function under Rule 9c is due to take place. 

Intoxicating liquor may be sold to such persons by or on behalf of the Club for consumption on the premises and not elsewhere. 

10.            GUESTS OF MEMBERS 

Members may introduce and entertain guests at the Club and there shall be kept at Club premises a Guest Book that both the Member and guest shall sign at the time of the introduction of the guest.  No member may introduce more than two guests on any one occasion. 

No person may be allowed into the Club as a guest more than three times in the same year.  No person whose membership has been terminated under rule 11 or whose application for membership has at any time been rejected shall be admitted as a guest.  The committee may suspend any Member who takes undue advantage of this rule to the detriment of the Club. 

Any member introducing a guest under this rule must accompany him while he/she is on the Club premises and shall be responsible for the behaviour of his guest(s) throughout his/her visit.The Member shall be responsible for ensuring that all his guests comply with the Club rules whilst on the Club premises. 


11.             CONDUCT OF MEMBERS 

The committee shall have power to expel any member who shall offend against the rules of the club or whose conduct shall in the opinion of the committee render him/her unfit for membership of the club.  Before any such member is expelled the Secretary shall give him/her seven days written notice to attend a meeting of     the committee and shall inform him/her of the complaints made against him/her nor unless at least two-thirds of the committee then present vote in favour of his/her expulsion. 

Any disputes arising out of, or not covered by these rules, shall be referred to the committee, whose decision shall be final. 

12.            ALTERATIONS OF RULES 

No alterations or additions to these rules shall be made except by resolutions carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members present at a general meeting or extraordinary general meeting, the notice of which shall have contained particulars of the proposed alterations or addition.  The Honorary Secretary shall as soon as possible and in any case within 28 days of the making of such alterations or additions to these rules give written notice alteration or addition to the Chief Officer of Police and to the Clerk to the Local Authority of the district in which the club is situated (only in respect of rules affecting intoxicating liquor). 


Neither the Club nor any Officer or committee member shall be liable to any Member or guest of a member or visitor or other user of the Club premises and facilities, or for any loss of or damage to any property occurring, from whatever cause, in or about the Club premises, nor for any injury sustained by any Member,    guest, visitor or other user, whilst on, entering or leaving the Club premises.  A notice to this effect shall be displayed at all times in a prominent position on the Club premises. 

14.            DISSOLUTION 

The Club shall be dissolved upon a resolution to that effect passed by a majority of two-thirds of those present and voting at a General Meeting of the Club called for the purpose under rule 6. 

Following upon such a resolution the committee shall, in full consultation with the management committee take immediate steps to convert into money all the property of the Club, with power however to postpone or delay the conversion of any particular property as so directed by the General Meeting. 

Out of the proceeds of such conversion, the committee shall discharge all debts and liabilities and any balance remaining shall pass directly into the main fund of the club.


Date revised constitution adopted 20th December 2007


Richard Ellis Hon. Secretary, Hethersett & Tas-Valley Cricket Club

Anthony Smith - Hon. Chairman, Hethersett & Tas-Valley Cricket Club