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Woodcote Friends Idea to be launched

February 29th 2008

Representatives of groups and organisations in Hethersett met at Woodcote Sheltered Housing Complex to discuss the setting up of a Friends Support group.  

Local councillors, along with representatives from groups as diverse as Broadland Housing Association, South Norfolk District Council, Hethersett Parish Council, local schools and Hethersett WI, came together with residents to discuss the formal setting up of Friends of Woodcote.  

“There was a huge amount of enthusiasm from those present and this became very contagious. I was very encouraged by the response. The groups were very representative of the village.  It was a very focussed meeting and the next step will be to hold a follow up to discuss a constitution and formalise a Friends of Woodcote,” said Scheme Manager for Broadland Housing Association Tony Smith. 

“It is important that we keep the momentum going and we will be organising a follow-up meeting as soon as possible,” Mr Smith added. 

The meeting also discussed a number of side issues such as visits from the local police community support officers and establishing a bottle bank within the grounds of the complex in Firs Road.

Previous Stories

A Hethersett sheltered housing complex is looking to set-up a friends support group for residents.

Woodcote is looking for local volunteers to become involved in the annual fete and numerous other events that take place during the year.

“Ideally we would like to launch a Friends of Woodcote in January. It would help the community to feel more a part of Woodcote and Woodcote to feel more a part of the community,” said Manager Tony Smith.

The complex already has numerous links with the community through local schools and individuals and its annual summer fete. Community computer courses and watercolour classes also take place there.

“We have a few people who volunteer and help us with bingo sessions and other events. It would be wonderful to put together a volunteer team to support residents and help arrange the annual fete, ideally led by somebody well known in the village and somebody with a passion for the community,” Mr Smith said adding that residents had instigated a number of initiatives but now needed additional support from a new group of people.

He would also like to see more opportunities for residents to get out into the community and envisages the Friends group working alongside an existing social committee which is chaired by resident Richard Hedicar

The Friends group could also investigate the possibility of attracting sponsorship from local businesses.

Forward thinking residents have already launched their own colourful monthly newsletter “The Woodcote Word” which includes stories, poems puzzles and details of coming events.  

News Update - February 20th 2008

A special meeting is being held at Woodcote sheltered housing complex in Hethersett on 28th February to take forward the idea of starting a friends support group. 

Numerous invitations have been sent out to individuals and groups to attend the meeting at 7 p.m to discuss the way forward. 

“We want the event to be an open community meeting to discuss the formation of a friends group and various ideas. We believe that a friends group will help the community to feel more a part of Woodcote and Woodcote to feel more a part of the community. Everyone is very welcome to attend,” said Manager Tony Smith.