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Youth Club Appeals for Help

This article from Colin Wilson, Chairman of the Jubilee Youth Club appeared in the September 2007 edition of Hethersett Newsletter which is published by Hethersett Parish Council.


The Jubilee Youth Club, as you may be aware, was built by the community for the dedicated use of young people, and has been managed by trustees on behalf of the community since it was built in the early 80s. Over the years it has had its ups and downs and we think that the time has come for some important changes, if it is to survive well into the 21st century.

These changes involve what we provide for young people and how we go about this provision. The hall needs updating and what young people want has changed. This all requires investment as well as volunteers. We think we may have found a way for the hall to be used more regularly and perhaps covering future overheads. Negotiations to this effect are currently ongoing. We also have some ideas regarding provision for local young people. But this needs developing, your support and volunteers to help run them.

I think we are at a crossroads and decisions made now may well influence the clubs very future. As a society we often complain about young people and young people often complain about society. Let's work together to try to make things better for both.

If you have a view on this matter or wish to get involved please contact Colin Wilson on 01603 810604 or e-mail him by clicking here.

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